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Cheap Fleece Fabric

Fleece Fabric Rule #1: Avoid cheap fleece fabric and buy the best fleece you can afford! Due to its popularity, fleece fabric can now be found in all kinds of stores, from discount department stores and chain fabric stores to outdoor specialty retailers and specialty fabric retailers. There are wide price variations, with expensive and cheap fleece fabrics to choose from. You might ask: Why the price variations? Aren't all fleece fabrics the same? The answer is "No"!

Indeed, the price variations between cheap fleece fabrics and more expensive fleeces reflect a genuine difference in the quality of the fleece. High quality fleeces are soft, silky, and plush, and light does not pass through the fabric. Conversely, cheap fleece fabrics, or lower quality "fashion" fleeces (generally carried by chain fabric stores) do not perform and last the way a high quality fleece will. A cheap fleece fabric has a felt-like feel, is thinner and not as plush as a performance fleece.

A non-pill finish is very important when choosing fleece fabric. It prevents the surface of your fabric from balling up or pilling after several washings. Although they're attractively priced, cheap fleece fabrics will disappoint you almost while you are working on them. Cheap fleece fabric pills easily, stretches easily and will give you a headache even as your try to put it under the sewing machine presser foot. Conversely, quality fleece fabric will give you a garment that you will be proud to wear for years to come. Your fabric store should be able to tell you whether a piece of fleece fabric has a non-pill finish.

For more information on high quality fleeces, visit the Malden Mills store online website at Malden Mills, in conjunction with Patagonia, were the first developers of modern day polyester fleece. Note that the terms "polartec" and "polarfleece", are trademarked terms referring only to fleece fabrics made by Malden Mills. While the term "polar fleece" is used profusely to describe even cheap fleece fabrics all over the fabric world today, be sure that you are getting the real deal!

While cheap, bargain bin fleeces should be avoided, you can look for cheaper fleece fabric by buying quality fleece fabric at a discount. Try searching the Internet for the latest fleece fabric deals. Many fleece manufacturers and dealers have both online and print catalogs available, and some have swatch packets available for purchase. Mail orders are another excellent option.

Avoid being fleeced by cheap fleece fabric. Use your fleece-know-how to feel your way, and choose top quality fleece fabric today!

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