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5-Minute fleeces: Stunning & Simple Projects in a Snap

No sew fleece projects are probably the easiest and fastest homespun projects you can make. Here are a few methods for simple projects that you can make from fleece. These are laughably simple, and yet irresistibly cute, cuddly and stylish for kids and adults.

BLANKETS: Here are four different no sew blankets that take no time at all:

1. There's the simple trimming off the edge and you're done. (This can be decorated to increase the "challenge".)

2. One step harder is cutting fringes all around the edge of the blanket.

3. The next leap in your no sew fleece blanket escapade is the two-ply blanket. Here are some directions for that: Cut two pieces of fleece the same size. Cut out 5"x5" squares from each corner and then cut 1" fringes about 3" long around all four sides of the blanket. Now just knot each bottom fringe to the corresponding top fringe and you've got your double-sided no sew blankets.

4. Here is a different but equally efficient and easy no sew blankets pattern. This is especially nice for a baby gift. Cut two pieces of fleece the same size (the size of the finished blanket). Holding both pieces together, cut ¼" or ½" slits every ½" around all four sides of the fleece. Slits should be about 1-1 ½" in from the edge. Now, weave a strip of fleece or pretty satin ribbon through the slits and tie in a bow at the end. You can glue the knot of the bow to keep it from opening. If you want to get really fancy, you can hold a wavy-edged ruler against the edge of each side of the blanket and trim accordingly (Note: If you choose to use this embellishment, be sure to leave extra seam allowances for this.)

SCARF: Choose from these varieties of fleece scarf patterns or make them all!

Cut a piece of fabric about 9" wide straight across the entire piece of fleece (around 60" long).

Trim the salvage edge and cut fringes 5" long about ½" wide.

Double sided scarf

Cut two long pieces of fleece the dimensions of the desired scarf. Holding both pieces of fleece together, measure approximately ¾" up from the edge and make ¼" slits every 1"-1 ½" down one long side of the doubled material. Like with the baby blanket patter, you're going to weave a piece of fabric into these slits, and then repeat the process on the other side of the scarf. (Make sure your pieces are lined up properly.) Cut fringes at the edge of the scarf, about 2.5"-3" long and about 1" apart. You're going to start knotting from the side with the woven strip of fabric end sticking out. Take the woven strip end together with the top layer of fringe and knot that to the corresponding bottom layer fringe (use a square knot- top layer over, around, under and through twice).

Multi-colored fringe scarf

This is so simple, you'll cry that you didn't think of it sooner! (It's got a little bit of sewing, but even I can do this one)

Cut out four pieces of material the size and length you'd like for you scarf, one from each color. (Note: You can do this with as many or as few colors as you'd like.) Lay all the pieces on top of one another and sew a straight line down the long center of the material. Next, cut fringes straight through all four pieces about 3" long and 1" wide. It's fun and laughably simple, but looks so great when on.


What you'll need:

Fleece that is approximately 30"x30" for a child, 40" or 50" for an adult.


Beads (optional)


Fold your piece of fleece in half.

Cut a 5" diameter circle from the center of the fold.

Cut fringes all around the two edges.

Optional: String a bead(s) onto each fringe and tie a tight overhand knot to secure bead in place.

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