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101 Scrap Crafts for Those Fleece Scraps

Scraps are a crafters best friend. Scrap crafts abound and they can be used in hundreds of diy home design or gift projects. Many of these scrap craft ideas can be used around the house or given as fun presents that are sure to be adored. The list is endless for unique scrap fabric crafts in which you can easily and creatively introduce those little fleece scraps. Some scrap craft projects can utilize those tiny fleece scraps, while others will require larger pieces of discarded fleece scraps. Either way, these lovely fabric scrap crafts are fun and resourceful way to recycle those little fleece scraps. Be an environmentally friendly crafter and reuse your fleece scraps over again with these creative scrap crafts you're going to love.


  1. double-sided coasters
  2. table runner
  3. bottle insulators
  4. personalized napkins (monogram or appliqué)
  5. placemats
  6. potpourri bags
  7. soap lathers
  8. line the inside of a small box for a ready made jewelry box (can be used for other delicate items as well)
  9. miniature treads (felt at the bottom of display pieces to ensure furniture doesn't get scratched)
  10. use them as protective liners between dinner plates when being stored
  11. pin cushion
  12. brighten up your kitchen with fleece scraps by making kitchen essentials such as rags and trivets
  13. cut out shapes also make great wall or ceiling decorations especially in a nursery or kids' room
  14. clothe hooks for hanging towels, robes and more
  15. swiffer replacements
  16. rugs
  17. pot holders
  18. oven mitts
  19. feather duster
  20. throw pillow covers
  21. qwillows (quilts with a pocket so they fold into a pillow)
  22. bean bags
  23. lap throws, baby blankets
  24. clothes for cleaning
  25. covers such as appliance dust covers, book covers, or album covers
  26. a large wall hanging to soften sounds and keep in the warmth
  27. decorations for the holidays
  28. insulation
  29. hay box
  30. use as a clothe to polish silver and other delicate items
  31. recover you chair seats
  32. extra absorption layer in cribs and toddler bed (more comfortable than plastics)
  33. hot water bottle covers
  34. bedding (think how cozy!)
  35. patchwork quilts
  36. strip quilting
  37. chair skirts
  38. Crafts and dolls:

  39. doll apparel
  40. stuffing for pillows and other projects
  41. sew together for pillows
  42. use as a base filler for a gift or holiday basket
  43. baby mobile ornaments (to hang from the baby's crib or car seat)
  44. fabric art
  45. clothe dolls and toys
  46. cover the outside (and inside if you like) of a shoe box with scraps for a fun and unique storage solution
  47. cut out fun shapes from loud fabrics to dress up a plain surface (ex. a present wrapped in simple brown paper becomes a lot more festive when jazzed up with stars, hearts, dinosaurs or whatever cut out of fabric)
  48. decorate picture frames
  49. glue to the outside of mugs to personalize
  50. dollhouse furniture covers, linens, etc.
  51. pencil holders
  52. birthday cards
  53. costumes especially peasants or medieval times
  54. birds' nest
  55. fleece garden: make flowers and glue to cardstock for greeting cards or wall pictures
  56. miniature dolls and figurines (stuffed)
  57. name and gift tags
  58. Chinese lanterns
  59. kites
  60. scrapbooking
  61. aprons and apron pockets
  62. decoupage
  63. collage art
  64. Apparel and accessories:

  65. cute as a button covers
  66. make barrettes or other hair items
  67. glue to pin backs to make unique jewelry and accessories
  68. tie strips of fleece to flip-flops or other clothing items to add pizzazz
  69. scarf
  70. neck warmer
  71. slippers
  72. easy-wash baby bibs
  73. portable pockets or additional pockets on clothing
  74. cell phone pouch
  75. coin purse
  76. baby shoes or socks
  77. mittens
  78. bandanas
  79. cozy socks
  80. knee pads for children's pants (cut into characters or animal faces)
  81. environmentally-friendly diaper covers
  82. ponchos for kids
  83. Pets:

  84. braided pet toys
  85. pompoms
  86. pet collar
  87. doggy booties
  88. bedding for small animals and pets
  89. cage insulation
  90. For classroom use:

  92. bulletin board decorations
  93. task or note holders
  94. tactile/sensory games and lessons
  95. good behavior "medals" and awards
  96. use as a teaching aid to teach how quilts, clothing and other items were made back then or other lesson aids
  97. Miscellaneous:

  98. tear into strips and use as ribbons
  99. use as poster boards, to highlight an index card or information
  100. baby mobile ornaments (to hang from the baby's crib or car seat)
  101. reusable patchwork shopping bags (good for the environment)
  102. clean your glasses lenses so you can see the beautiful world
  103. nursing pads
  104. tent for kids
  105. hacky-sacks or juggling balls
  106. do a good deed: Any of these project ideas can be used to make items for homeless shelters, nursing homes and the elderly, sick children in hospitals, disabled people, homeless shelters, battered women and children societies, health and wellness centers (such as the fight against breast cancer and leukemia), trauma victims, natural disaster victims, or anyone you know of who could use a smile and a friendly gift.

With so many adorable scrap crafts, you won't know where to start. Get out those saved up fleece scraps and start your crafting!

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