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Printable Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch is a fun and carefree pastime that is portable, and easy to learn. Both adults and children have been known to take great pleasure in this relaxing art, and the choices of patterns, designs, and project ideas are nearly endless. A needle, thread, and some cloth are all the supplies you will need to make your cross stitch project a reality. You don't even have to buy a pattern if you have a printer. Printable cross stitch patterns exist all over the web. Let me take you on a small tour of some of my personal favorites for cross stitch patterns.

There are so many printable cross stitch patterns out there. Don't bother searching for printable patterns, though, as you will probably get lousy or no results. Here's the secret. Any pattern that has the option of downloading can then be printed straight from your home computer. Most cross stitch sites offer a few free downloadable or printable cross stitch patterns, though don't expect to find an abundance in one place. Visit my other articles on free cross stitch patterns and cross stitch freebies (links, please) for some more great sites to peruse.

Take a look at this cross stitch page: Stitching The Night Away has much to offer (even more than a snappy website name!) Several fun printable cross stitch patterns, and even more archived ones, can be found right here. Scan the currently available designs, and, if nothing catches your eye, then you can view the whole list of archived files. If you, or anyone you know, is expecting, The Man in the Moon makes a lovely wall hanging for a nursery. And let's not forget those somewhat confused older siblings who don't know what to expect from a mommy who's expecting! In Stitching the Night Away's archives you will find some printable cross stitch patterns for Big Brother or Big Sister to keep the older little ones from feeling left out of the fun!

Here is one of the few sites where you can actually find a large number of free and printable cross stitch patterns: Enjoy the huge selection Craft Freebies has to offer in tons of areas like Holidays, floral, animals (both domestic and wild), and birds.

These patterns are sweet and pretty, and they make a truly heart-warming gift (or even just a nice decoration for your own home.) In addition, Craft Freebies has links to 100's of other free cross stitching sites (Note: sites have a tendency of going in and out of existence rather quickly, so if you try a few links that aren't running any more, be patient, and try a few more!) One of my favorite patterns that I found on this page is the Eterna Wreath. True to its claim of being "an exquisite design", this pattern is stunning, and it is sure to bring holiday spirit and joy to all who view it. Take a look, and try it out for fun!

These are some of the better sites out there that offer fabulous free cross stitch patterns. For even more wonderful sites and patterns, visit my links above. I'm sure you'll be glad you did!

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