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You're sitting in your living room. Supplies are at the ready. Lighting is just right. You have the time. But you can't start. The question gnawing at your mind is obvious. 'Where, oh where, can I find free easy crochet patterns?' Well, search no further. We're here to help.

There are many free and easy crochet patterns to be found on the web, all ranging in their individual strengths and weaknesses. Different strokes for different folks; depending on your style, needs, and expertise, you can choose determine which of the many free and easy crochet patterns out there are right for you. If you want a recommendation, I would say to try these free easy crochet patterns. They have a wide selection, well arranged by category, clear instruction, and actually deliver to their claim of being free and easy crochet patterns.

Finding patterns on the Internet may be daunting, however. Thousands of websites to choose from, all declaring that they are free easy crochet patterns. But which ones are actually free, and of those that are truly free, are they really easy? Decisions, decisions, and that's before you've even gotten to the patterns! If the mere thought of this frightens you, perhaps you'd be better suited with a more human approach. Go to any public library. For the beginner, there are several wonderful instructional books you can use to gain knowledge, skill, and tips. In the backs of these books you will find a few free easy crochet patterns specifically chosen for you to learn the stitches and practice what you've read. These can be used many times, as well. If you are already well versed in the art, simply scan the shelves for pamphlets or other literature containing free easy crochet patterns. These will be concise, simple to follow instructions without the tutorials provided for beginners. If even this seems too much, your best bet will be a local arts and crafts shop or department. There are usually several qualified people ready to assist you. Simply ask for free easy crochet patterns, and they can direct or aid you in whatever manner you may need.

Just for fun, here's a free easy crochet pattern that you can do right now. These are adorable baby booties that are quick and easy to make. This is not my own design, but I've enjoyed it many times.

Foundation row: Ch 25

Row 1: Dc in 3rd ch from the hook and in each ch across. Ch 3, and turn.

Row 2-4: Dc in each dc across the row. Ch 3, and turn (except in row 4 do not ch 3 at the end of the row, just turn).

Row 5: Sl st in the first 5 sts, then ch 3 in the 5th st. Dc in the same st, and then in the next 12 sts, leaving the last 4 sts undone. Ch 3, and turn.

Row 6 and 7: Dc in each dc across the 14 sts, ch 3, and turn.

Row 8: Sc into 1st st near the hook, ch 3, sc in next st, and repeat across to make a ruffle.

To finish these dainty little darlings fold the crocheted piece in half and whipstitch up (weave the yarn in and out up the seam of the bootie) using yarn and a big-eyed needle. Then flip the booties right side out (so the seam is on the inside of the bootie). If you'd like, you can use a piece of ribbon or yarn to serve as a tie for the booties. Find some little baby girl who looks cold, and you have yourself a winner!

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