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Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Tons of different cross stitch patterns can be found online, in books or at your local arts and crafts stores. Whatever your favorite icon, there are plenty of free cross stitch patterns in that category.

Find patterns for animals and mystical creatures. Do you like farm animals like cows and pigs? Patterns for chicks and sheep are also abundant. Maybe you prefer something cuddlier? There are kitten and puppy patterns galore, as well as many other types of pets including fish, turtles, and rabbits. If you are into the exotic creatures, look for mermaids, unicorns, or dragons.

"Flowers ands plants" is a particularly large section of the free cross stitch patterns available. Almost any flower you could want, roses, daffodils, daisies, sunflowers, irises, lilies, you name it. And the variety stretches far beyond simple flowers. Basic floral gardens and scenic views are commonly depicted in cross stitch.

Cross stitch patterns in the baby motif are absolutely darling. A sweet fuzzy critter or a pacifier with the baby's name stitched on the bottom really says I care. Angels are always a favorite cross stitch to use, and their patterns pop up in all different forms. People go absolutely wild about baby accessories, and cross stitchers are no different. A huge selection of free cross stitch patterns featuring bibs, bonnets, sippy cup holders, bottle warmers, booties, diaper holders, spit up diapers, cloth diaper covers, and, my favorite, baby towels with little hoodies are available. I saw an absolutely adorable pattern for a mobile and curtain set to hang over the baby's crib.

Birds seem to be particularly popular, as well. Lovely detail is done in these patterns down to the wing feathers, eye color, and beak definition. Common bird patterns include hummingbird, crane, swallow, canaries, chicks, cardinal, quail, peacock, swan, blue jay. Insects such as ladybugs and butterflies are also a fun little cross stitch to try.

Much is done in the way of shading and pattern repetition to create depth in cross stitching. Winter Friends by Pam Kellogg makes wonderful use of special metallic threads. This gives off a shimmer effect that makes the snow seem real. This pattern is both adorable and magical.

One site that I found to be absolutely gorgeous was the Vermilion Stitchery site. Each year they come out with a stunning set of free cross stitch patterns and charts. On this site, each pattern is more beautiful and captivating than the next. The color choice and delicate designs are unmatched. Dainty fairies, blooming flowers, small cuddly animals, angelic figures and more can be found on this charming page. If you enjoy aesthetically pleasing projects, visit Vermillion. Any project completed from these patterns is sure to be a true work of art worthy of framing and displaying for all to see. If their exquisite patterns weren't enough to draw you into their 'club', then the melodious tunes that play on Vermillion's site will soothe and lull you into a calm and peaceful state of mind; the perfect choice of music to cross stitch to. Click below to enter this cross stitcher's haven:

Here's another fabulous site with hundreds of free cross stitch patterns. Each one is truly a work of art on it's own. Organized and friendly, this site is a wonderful place to visit for any cross stitcher. Whether a novice or a professional, there are plenty of patterns available for you here.

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