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Crocheting is an art with unique charm. A quick and easy skill to learn, crochet is being done all around us. Because of the light pace of crocheting, and it's lack of complicated equipment, crocheting can, and is, done in any variety of places; in the library, on buses, at your local crafts store, even in your child's school!

One question that most people often ask is where can I find free crochet patterns? I want crochet patterns that are easy, as I am just learning, and/or free, as I am not ready to cash in my savings for this recreation? Really, there's no need to spend a lot on these delightful projects.

A wealth of free crochet patterns in varying difficulty can be found wherever you are. Go to your local library, and take out a few books on crocheting. You will find that most books have several beautiful sample patterns that are great for beginners and fun for anyone who enjoys crochet. If you don't need instructions, the library should even have books exclusively promoting free crochet patterns. These books are filled with all sorts of crochet patterns for you to choose from.

Another useful source is the Internet. Whatever search engine you use, there are thousands of free crochet patterns on the web ranging in difficulty and style. Search and explore the many options! Beware, though, many sites boast free crochet patterns, when, in actuality, there is a subscription fee. Choose sites with pictures. Pictures make crocheting easier for you, as it helps to see what the finished item looks like (as explained below). Also make sure that the instructions are clear, understandable, and within your scope of expertise before you buy the materials for the pattern. Scanning a pattern will only give you a general idea of what is required of you. Better to take a minute and read through the whole thing.

For beginners, it may be simpler to start with patterns for baby-sized items. These patterns will be smaller, and will help you get the practice needed to move on to bigger projects. Besides, a handmade baby blanket, or a nice pair of crocheted booties makes for an unforgettable present! Below, I've listed some helpful websites for free crochet patterns that you might enjoy. Don't feel confined to what I've provided, though. Again, there are many more out there that might suite your needs or taste better. Take your time, browse the choices and, most of all, enjoy!

I found the website to be helpful. It doesn't have much in the way of adult clothing, (they have some afghans and a nice baby clothing section), but it has a wide variety of random crochet ideas. This site is especially appealing if you aren't exactly sure of what it is you are in the mood of crocheting. There are several novel suggestions, truly unique ideas that I certainly would never have thought of on this page (they have one for a dish soap cover!) Browse through the different selections to get great gift ideas that will look pretty, and are even practical! The pictures on this site are also very helpful. It's always nice to have a guide to go by while crocheting. This way you can see if you're on the right track, and correct any deviations along the way, instead of getting a surprise at the end! is a very different website than the one above, but equally useful. It is professionally set up, designed to get you exactly what you want as quickly as possible. The free crochet patterns directory is organized into categories to help you find the right pattern easily. Their catalogue provides a huge selection of patterns for nearly any clothing item you could ever want to crochet, and the accessories to go along with it! The catalogue also clearly labels each pattern's difficulty level.

The patterns themselves range in difficulty, from the fresh novice to long-time crochet extraordinaire, but all share one common thread (excuse the pun); simple beauty. Every pattern on this site looks professionally done when completed, using a unique blend of colors or stitch to give the piece a singular beauty that is truly difficult to surpass. Another great perk to this website is its free crochet patterns for children section. Any of these adorable patterns are nice to make for your own kids or as a gift. An even more adventurous idea is to use these patterns as a bonding experience with your children, teaching them the art of crochet. The patterns are easy and fun, so children will enjoy making them, as well as wearing, these exceptional beauties. The pictures on this site are large and clear, giving you an exact idea of what your finished piece will look like. The instructions are also very clearly written, taken care to explain the technique, as well as giving helpful hints along the way.

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