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Free Baby Crochet Patterns

Searching the world wide web for free baby crochet patterns has one flaw. There's a whole lot of stuff out there, and it can be a little overwhelming for some people. Fortunately, for you folks who can't stand surfing (I just want to crochet), we've got plenty of easy to find, easy to follow free baby crochet patterns lined up and ready to be tried out.

*Visit our chart for a refresher on crochet pattern abbreviations.

Here's a free baby crochet pattern that will keep your little one well-dressed and warm this winter. This patter is for a little sleeper that will be great for the real tiny newborns and premies as well.

What you'll need:

Yarn in two colors of your choice- 4-6 oz for the base color 4 oz for the complimenting color

Size F and G hook

Note: All rows end with ch2 (this doesn't count as stitch)


Shell = 2dc,ch2, 2dc in next st. (sh)

START With F hook and CC- ch 30

R 1- Dc in 3rd ch and in next 3 ch, sh, dc in 5 ch, sh, dc in 6 ch, sh, dc in 5ch, sh, dc in 4 ch, Ch 2 turn. (Note some times I put a pattern in the center 4 stitches of front, like fp or cross-stitch)

R 2- Dc across with sh in each chain space. Ch 2, turn.

R 3-5- Repeat row 2.

R 6- Dc across to first ch 2 space, 2dc in space, skip nest sts to next ch2 space, 2dc in ch2 space, (first sleeve opening made), dc across to next ch 2 space, 2dc in space, skip next sts to next ch2 space, 2dc in next ch 2 space, dc across, ch1 turn.

R 7- sc in each st across. Fasten off CC

R 8- with MC sl st in first dc and ch 1, sc across row. Ch 2 turn.

R 9- Change to G hk if you want, Dc across, increase 1 dc under arm x2, ch2 turn.

R 10- 15 - for gown, (10-20 for bunting) Dc across, ch2 turn.

Edge-- Sc around entire out fit, one or two rows with MC.

Sleeves-- With smaller hook and CC Sl st in center st under arm. ch 2 , dc around , do not join, ch 2 turn.

R 2-4- Dc across, ch2 turn.

R 5-(Dc in 3 dc, dec dc over next 2 st ) across, end with dc in last st. ch 2 turn.

R 6- repeat R 5, ch 1 turn. End off CC.

R 7-sl st MC ch 1 and sc in first st, (dec 1, sc in 2 st,) across.

Make ties at ends of rows for sleeves; 3 sets or more on the back.

For straps, with MC and small hook, Ch 15, sc in second ch, and across, 3 sc in end ch, sc down other side of ch. Fasten off. Sew to front from shoulder seam to waist.

And who doesn't love wrapping their babies in warmth and love? This free baby crochet pattern afghan is so simple and sweet, you might just want to make two!

What you'll need:

G or H Hook

Approximately 3 skeins yarn


Foundation: (Edging) Ch 4, dc in the 4th ch from the hook; ch 3, turn. * Dc in space between previous dc and ch-3 turning ch; ch 3, turn. Repeat from * until you have the length that you would like your blanket to be. Do not turn!

Row 1: Working along the side edge of the Foundation row, Ch 3, hdc in dc below; (ch1, sc in the next sp) across to the last ch space. Ch 1, sc in the last dc, ch 3, hdc in ch of beg ch so that you will have an open square at the end. Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: hdc in first sc, * ch 1, sc in next sc. Repeat from * to the last sc. Ch3, hdc in 3rd ch of ch 3. Ch 3, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until your afghan is the size you want.

Last Row: ch 3, dc in the first sc, ch 3, sk one sc, dc in the next sc to the end.

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