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Doorknob Crochet Patterns

This is an adorable project that is also a great way to combat winter chills. A crocheted doorknob cover gives your hands a warm touch against the cold metal knob.

See our basic crochet tutorial for an explanation of how to use the basic crochet stitches.

What you'll need:

J or K hook

Yarn (preferably three colors- I like two shades of blue and white for this one)

Rubber band

Bells and tassels (optional)

I'll use my color examples for demonstration purposes.

1. Chain 3 with the dark blue and join the first chain with slipstitch.

2. Chain 2 and double crochet two more into the center hole of the first chain. Ch1.

3. Dc 3 in the center hole of the chain 3 loop. Chain 1.

4. Repeat step 3 four times (giving you six clusters each with one space in between), and finish off.

5. Attach the white yarn to a ch 1 space using a slipstitch and repeat steps 2-4.

6. Do the same thing with the light blue yarn, alternating with the white.

7. Now attach the rubber band by dc with the dark blue yarn into a ch1 space, and two more dc in ch1 space.

8. Dc around the rubber band in dc stitches and ch1 space, and join in first dc.

9. Chain 10 in dark blue, and leave thread long enough to create a tassel.

10. Attach the white yarn to the top of the dark blue chain 10 and chain 7, leaving room for a tassel.

11. Do the same with the light blue yarn.

12. Attach tassels and tie a bell/s to the top or base of the three chains for a festive entry announcement.

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