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Cross Stitch & Watercolor Duet

Combining crafts is fun because you automatically multiply the enjoyment and the beauty. While you can't just throw together any two crafts and hope they work, many crafty crafters have come up with delightful combinations. For example, a popular craft couple is the embroidery and cross stitch pair. Cross stitch is combined with embroidery for lovely results, and you needn't limit yourself to this craft blend, either. There are other attractive effects that you can add to your finished or transitional cross stitch patterns that are sure to produce some stunning outcomes. Try combining cross stitch and water color projects, you will be amazed at the results. This technique combines two enjoyable activities, painting and cross stitching. It is simple to do and creates a most beautiful piece of art. You can use any shape, pattern or design, whether pre-made or one of your own ideas and creations. Here are some easy to follow steps to creating your own watercolor and cross stitch combos.

  1. First prepare all your supplies. Get a pallet (this could be a plastic plate), some water, your water color paints, various sizes of paint brushes, and your pattern and cloth ready to go. You may want a clean white paper towel to go under the cross stitch. This will absorb any color that leaks through to help avoid staining your surface.
  2. Next, cross stitch the outline of your project, leaving the inside undone.
  3. Now you are ready to add the paints. If you have a complicated pattern, it might be a good idea to draw a duplicate design on paper and fill in with markers to make sure you like the color choices before applying directly onto your cross stitch.
  4. Get your paint brush wet and dip into the paint. Don't make the brush too wet, otherwise the paint will be too runny.
  5. Work with one color at a time, filling in all the areas that require that color before moving on to the next one.
  6. Once your project has dried, you can add another layer of watercolor for a darker shade.
  7. If you apply the wrong color to your cross stitch, simply take a clean white paper towel and blot down the cloth. This should absorb most of the color, allowing you another try.
  8. You can hang or frame your cross stitch and water color projects or add them to a collage, scrapbook or other craft for added fun and beauty.

These cross stitch and water color projects are super easy to do. You will love the way the two crafts combine to make one stunning presentation. Well, that's all for this week. Join me next time for some other fun cross stitch combos including:

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