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Cross Stitch is an easy and fun project that you can do any time. To make the whole process even easier, though, you can now purchase convenient cross stitch kits. Within these wonderful kits you will find: a pattern, a cloth, tightening hoop, needle, and an assortment of threads in all the colors that your specific pattern calls for. You should take some time to consider your options, as they are numerous, before you even set out looking for the right cross stitch pattern for you.

What is your purpose for this particular project? Are you looking for something with a practical use, or is a wall hanging more your cup of tea? Do you enjoy animals, mystical creatures, plants, painting like scenery, or maybe a fun phrase or message? Don't worry if the options are already beginning to overwhelm you. You can always just flip through a few patterns, and see which one appeals to you most. Below I've listed several companies that are popular and trusted in the field of cross stitch kits. See if anything jumps out at you immediately. Otherwise, browse the sites that I've provided. They are excellent sources for tons of beautiful and fun cross stitch kits.

Stamped cross stitch kits are another entertaining option for the innovative craftsman. These designs are often for household items that are usable, as opposed to the purely decorative cross stitch patterns. Stamped cross stitch kits can be found for pillowcases, baby bibs, blankets, and play mats. Tobin has particularly beautiful and elegant patterns for placemats and napkin sets, table runners, pillowcases and quilt sets, and kitchen towel sets. Other popular names in stamped cross stitch are Jack Dempsey designs, Janlynn, and one of my favorite artists Thomas Kinkade (he has an unbelievable talent with light that he uses in all his paintings to make them seem like so much more than a two dimensional object.) If you enjoy these companies, but don't fancy the idea of stamped cross stitch, try their standard cross stitch patterns.

For the cat loving cross stitcher, Kelly Kits are the only way to go. These fun designs depict your favorite feline friend in several humorous and oddly natural possess. For example, cross stitch a cuddly kitten napping in a boot or a tabby trying on your hat! These designs are whimsical and pretty, a fun project for any summer day.

Cross My Heart has a more dramatic touch to their kits. I particularly enjoy the dragon patterns with their intense colors and deep shading. All of these designs are unique and distinct enough to stand on their own.

Here is an excellent site for all your cross stitch needs: They've got all the companies you could want: Anchor, Dimensions, Janlynn, This site has a huge selection of beautiful patterns and designs: Cuddly Care Bears, realistic wildlife, humorous characters, blossoming flowers, and so much more. Nearly one thousand lovely designs to choose from, this site is a feast for your eyes and your needles. Dig in!

For a cross stitching experience beyond words, visit: Now here is a site for exquisite cross stitch kits and patterns that are absolutely breath taking. The worst thing about this website is that you have to choose from all of the stunning patterns, charts, and kits available! Vivid colors and soft detail set these unique designs apart from all the other competition. You cannot find such an excellent blend of quality and beauty anywhere else. Order the kit that suits you best, or just a pattern if you prefer, and begin a piece of art today,

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