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One of the greatest things about cross stitching is that it can be enjoyed by both young and old alike. The simple, easy to learn technique of cross stitch makes it ideal for children, and the relaxing air and stunning results naturally appeal to adults. Patterns exist in all sorts of areas, as well. Stunning detail and intricate paintings are depicted in cross stitch. But don't worry if you are not the artist in the family. Cross stitch is an easy art to master, and there are tons of cross stitch freebies in simple form, as well.

Browse through the hundreds of cross stitch freebies available. Many of them you can even give to your little ones to do on their own. Perhaps your son or daughter's favorite pet or wild life creature would make a nice wall hanging above their beds? Several animated characters, as well as more traditional softer images are available in patterns simple enough for children to follow.

Another huge section in free cross stitch patterns is holiday themes. Try something sweet for Valentine's Day or scary for Halloween. Christmas gifts are a cinch when you're cross stitching them! Easter patterns are particularly cute, replete with bunnies in bows. Thanksgiving also has a tremendous amount of patterns to choose from. Speaking of American pride, nothing says patriotic fervor like a hand stitched American flag. Choose from the hundreds of flags, stars and stripes, eagles, and many other nationalistic symbols.

Letters and numbers should have a category of their own (they do in fact! Visit my article on Alphabet patterns at (insert link, please). Engrave your child's name and birth date forever in cross stitching to hang on their bedroom wall, decorate your nursery with a beautiful ABC chart. Or teach your young ones arithmetic in a fun and creative way by cross stitching an amusing and colorful number chart. Idioms and religious phrases fare well in cross stitch also. Mom will never forget a cross stitched "I love you" or "#1 Mom" sign, especially since it will be hanging on her wall! Put up inspirational messages, important lessons or nice phrases that you enjoy. A beautifully cross stitched communication is a constant reminder to "Love thy neighbor", or that "Even the longest hour is only 60 minutes long". "Bless this mess" makes for a great living room or kitchen wall decoration. Of course, you can always add some humor to your cross stitched wall hangings too. "Sew many colors, sew little time" is a cute little pun, and "I never met a calorie I didn't like" is a classic gift that any girlfriend will love!

Pillows, towels, pot holders, and placemats will keep you and your kids busy all summer. Bookmarks are an especially cute project to try, and are great for youngsters. And here's something you might never have thought of in the field of cross stitch freebies; a wide variety of bags exist. Handbags, totes, and clutch purses are just the beginning. What kind of holiday season would it be without a cross stitched Christmas stocking?

If you have a bunch of kids at home that need to release some creative energy, here are a few fun, clever, and easy pattern ideas. Try making a light switch cover, magnets for the fridge, key chains for dad, napkin rings, or name plates to hang in their bedroom. Any of these projects can be completed in one day with minimal amount of work and just a few extra supplies. And best of all, your kids will love them!

For the cat lovers out there, have I got a cross stitching site for you! This site doesn't have a tremendous selection, but all the cross stitch freebies here are light hearted, fun, and pretty. Join Dawn, and her three kitties, Spike, Jimmy, and Boris (who have their own pages that you can visit, as well!) for some lovely little cross stitch patterns.

Here's a great site that is overflowing with tons of amazing cross stitch freebies. This has an enormous list of sites for you to visit. You will have hours of stitching fun with all the designs and ideas within these pages. is just as it claims, filled with tons of cross stitch freebies. This site will also keep you and your kids busy all summer long.

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