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Cross Stitch Care & Tips

Cross stitch care is so important for the completion and continuity of your projects. What a shame to spend all that time working on a piece, producing a gorgeous finished product, and then letting it go to waste because of lack of information or improper care. Avoid this unpleasant result by keeping up with our cross stitch care before, during and after projects. Enjoy some more cross stitch tips, as well.

General Care

- Always take your work off the hoop when you are finished for the day. This will help avoid getting hoop marks on your fabric. And don't trust yourself to do it later, it never works!

- To remove dirt from your needlework, lay flat in a pan of cold water and dish soap. Don't scrub or squeeze your fabric or use hot water, as all of the above will ruin your beautiful work.

- When finished, you can wash your piece with mild soap and cold water to set the colors. Allow to dry flat. Don't put cross stitching in the dryer, it can also ruin your work.

- While working on your cross stitch, keep the cloth in a plastic bag to avoid stains and dust from building up.

- If you're working with an older piece that is wrinkled, iron the cloth before you start stitching to avoid creases and bumps in your finished piece.

Adding Pizazz

- Use needlework finisher to turn your cross stitch project into an ornament. Coat both sides with the finisher (allowing time between each side to dry), cut out and embellish as you desire.

- Be sure to change up your cross stitch on occasion. Try evenweave instead of Aida, or throw in a new stitch that you haven't used before. From clothes, to threads and designs, there is a wide variety of patterns available, as well, so be expansive in your hobby.

- Stitch in a few beads, sequins or shells to your pattern to add zest and originality.

More Tips & Tricks

- Store and mark your threads in different containers for each color. One convenient method is to use plastic zip lock bags, one for each solid color and separate ones for each blend, as well. Punch a hole in the corner of each bag so you can hang them all on a hook for neat storage, and label them with colored tabs for quick referencing.

- Working with dark fabrics can be difficult when trying to find the holes. Place a light colored piece of material beneath the darker one to highlight the holes more easily.

- Always count carefully and read your pattern meticulously. Count twice, and another time if the countings don't add up. This will avoid the majority of mistakes that are made when cross stitching.

- If working with a larger project, it may be easier to break it down into smaller grids. Use a marking tool that will come off easily or not show through the threads.

- Don't throw away your thread scraps when a cross stitch is done. Use leftover floss for lots of creative projects. You can make doll clothes or furniture, curtain tassels, or attractive details to paper projects and more.

For more tips and tricks, read our other cross stitch tips.

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