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Crocheted Flower Patterns

Probably one of the most popular demands in the crochet world is the request for crocheted flower patterns. I challenge you to find a more impressive variety of nosegay in an actual flower shop! The amount of crocheted flower patterns out there is unbelievable. Both the flower type, and the particular item to be crocheted come in a huge selection for any excited crocheter.

Name a flower, any flower. Rose? That's a joke. I found more than one hundred and fifty crocheted flower patterns just for roses alone! Maybe daisies? Got 'em. Carnations? Orchids? They're out there. Poinsettia, irises, bluebells, forget-me-nots, posies, tulips, lilies, daffodils, sunflowers, gladiola, chrysanthemums, asters, poppies, marigolds, the list, literally, goes on for pages.

This, without even including the thousands of crocheted flower patterns for floral bouquets. Pick your favorite flower, one that you find particularly beautiful, and crochet yourself a nice bouquet for your dresser or dining room table. The greatest thing about these beauties is they need no watering, and they will never wilt (though, some might do better with a little washing once in awhile!)

Once you've chosen the favorite floret that you'll be working with, you can sit down again to decide what project you would like to begin. Would you like to start simple? Try a hairpin flower, or a headband. Crocheted flower patterns for hats make a great project. Or, if you'd like to jump in with both feet, do what my friend did. Choose a room in your house, and completely have it decked out with beautiful crocheted flower pattern pieces. The living room will have a breath of new life after you hang up your beautiful marigold-marked curtains.

The dining room holds many options for the crochet enthusiast. A nice floral tablecloth or table runner will keep your table finely dressed all the time. If you like your tabletop too much to cover completely, crochet some pretty placemat and napkin sets. For nightstands and corner tables, doilies do the trick. Complete the picturesque motif with a carefully stitched flower basic to set at the center of your dining room table (these require a bit more than crocheting, though, and are a great project to do together with your kids!)

The kitchen is a whole new crocheting arena for you to explore. Dishtowels, soap bottle covers, wine cozies, potholders, and trivets will make the kitchen, if it isn't already, your favorite room to enter. When you are all finished creating the sophisticated and homey atmosphere in your public rooms, you can turn your attention, at last, to the bedroom. I found several magnificent crocheted flower patterns for bedspreads. Small blankets and throws will also give your bedroom a warm and cozy feel. To finish off with a flurry of splendor, crochet a big comfy floor rug! My ultimate favorite, (probably because I am a young mother) though, is the stunning crocheted flower patterns out there for baby blankets. The variety is enormous, and the results are unimaginably beautiful. Whether being crocheted for a girl or boy, these blankets make wonderful gifts (trust me, I know!) For a boy, a subtle border of flowers can be sweet, and for a girl, well, you can just let yourself go on a floral frenzy! The catch phrase 'pretty in pink' does not hold true for all girls, so explore your color options. A soft lilac or gentle mint are great options if you don't know what the baby is yet, but you're too anxious to wait. (A note for mothers-to-be: Crocheting is an excellent time passer. It's casually paced, so you never feel rushed, and you always end up with a real prize. So during those tedious hours of nausea or general discomfort, try distracting yourself with a lovely crocheted flower pattern!)

Home decor doesn't have to be the extent of this special form of crochet. There are tons of crocheted flower patterns for clothing, too. And don't forget to accessorize! Gloves, sweaters, shawls, and skirts are easy enough to find crocheted flower patterns for. If you're really in love with the style, though, I found a few beautiful short and full-length dresses patterns during my meanderings through the cyber world of patterns. I thought the handbag patterns were a really nice touch, too. Worn with any outfit, a nice crocheted handbag is really the perfect finishing touch.

The list of options for crocheted flower patterns by no means ends here. Whatever item you are looking for, there is a pattern out there to suite your need. The technique is easy enough to learn, but it can take years to master, so keep at it. The better you get, the more intricate and beautiful your projects will be. The world of floral crocheting is vast and wide. Explore, and enjoy!

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