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You must admit, giving just anyone a hug can in no way compare to giving a hug to someone in a big, warm, and cozy crocheted sweater! Hands down, the sweater hugger wins (you know you hold on just a little bit longer for that cushy sweater feeling). So, if you're looking to maximize your hugging effect, pick up a crochet sweater pattern, and get to work! Crochet sweater patterns do range, of course, from the big comfy version to the attractive fitted style, but the soft feeling and the unbeatable pizzazz of crochet speak for themselves. Whether using the heavyweight, thick homespun yarn, or the thin, lightweight thread, thicker triple crochet stitch, or delicate filet crochet stitch, there are crochet sweater patterns for all.

Wrap around sweaters are very popular, and so are the incredibly useful duster sweaters. (For those not familiar with the fashion lingo, a wrap around consists of a full back piece, attached to two half front pieces that are wrapped from left to right and right to left respectively. These are usually worn with a shell or tank top underneath.

A duster is a long, coat-like sweater that falls somewhere around the ankle area. They are great to throw on for warmth, or to make a simple outfit classier.) Crochet sweater patterns for turtlenecks, though posing a greater challenge, produce magnificent results that you'll enjoy all winter long. The v-neck crochet sweater patterns are wonderful for early spring and fall when the weather hasn't quite made up its mind to change full force yet. The same is true for crochet sweater patterns for cardigans. They're small and light, so you can keep them in your backpack or purse on days when your unsure of what the evening will bring. A really cute crochet sweater pattern I just saw was for a sweater set. This is a cardigan over a matching shell/tank. They can be worn together for a sophisticated evening, or as mix and match pieces for casual wear. Another fun option for these sets is to use the under-piece as a vest with a shirt underneath in cooler weather. As with any crochet item, the possibilities are endless!

Many different options for crochet sweater patterns exist, as shown with this first pattern link above. This is a beautiful crochet sweater pattern from 1920. It is for a filet crochet sweater that is designed to be worn all year round. In the summer, simply wear a tank top or shell under this pretty piece, while in the winter, don a turtleneck for the same exquisite effect. She also gives you options for changing the exact crochet sweater pattern. You can leave off the sleeves if you prefer a vest. The collar is optional, and a single crochet stitching around the neck is all you need to finish it off. The bird pattern at the bottom of the sweater is also exchangeable for your own favorite motif; animal, flower, celestial body, whatever tickles your fancy. Look at the picture provided, and, if you like the style, try your hand this pattern. (Note: I don't particularly love this picture, but the sweater is really much nicer than it looks here.) Bear in mind, though, that this is not for beginning crocheters. Attempt only if you're ready for a more difficult crochet sweater pattern.

If not, take a look at this: This pattern is easier, and specifically geared towards beginners. It takes a short amount of time, and, as you can see by the picture, produces a lovely sweater that you're sure to wear many times. Red is not my favorite color, so I substituted for white. Black is also a great neutral color that will match almost any outfit. Or you could try making this sweater to match a specific outfit you have. For a two-toned effect, crochet the sweater in the base color of your outfit, and weave through the outside edge one strand of any other color to tie the whole outfit together.

Bottom line is to have fun with your crochet sweater patterns. These are not simple doily patterns that get left on your table. You'll be wearing these (if done right, many many times!) Make sure you like your choice of pattern, colors, and size. If you're not happy, go back and browse again. This is worth your deliberation. A nicely crocheted sweater can be a girl's best friend. Go out and find yours today!

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