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Crochet Shawls

What gives every superhero out there their inexplicable success? It's not the tights because my little niece has the same ones and she can't fly (trust me, she's tried!) It's certainly not running around with their underwear on the outside (I've heard of people being arrested for that kind of thing!) So what is it? What gives these champions a larger than the luminaries image? You ready for this? Come closer, I want to keep this between us. Okay. It's their capes, or, to be more specific, their shawls.

Now, I know what you are thinking, 'get this woman some professional assistance'. Well, you may think I am crazy, but have you ever been to a staff party where a co-worker is wearing one of these things? I'm sure you remember. She's the one being surrounding by the entire room, everyone present is hanging off her every word, laughing at her jokes, fetching her the latest hors d'oeuvre at a moment's whim. Remember? The Shawl Explanation is starting to make more sense, huh?

I know, I know, it's a crazy secret that somebody ought to leak to the press. That's not my job, though. I'm just here to enhance your life in any way I can. Which is why I am introducing you to the sensational crochet shawls. Crochet shawls are the most phenomenal of their kind. Beautifully stitched, these babies can capture audiences (or help you fly faster than a speeding bullet, apparently).

For us regular people (that is, the non-superhero percentage of the population), there are many wonderful options in the world of crochet shawls. You can find people from all walks of life wearing crochet shawls. From tree-hugging hippies to caviar-eating aristocrats (and, yes, even to those average people who fall somewhere in between), everyone can find a beautiful crochet shawl suitable for them. The basic pattern for most crochet shawls is a v-shaped garment covering the whole of ones upper back, and coming down the front along the two shoulders. Again, this is the basic or traditional crochet shawl pattern.

There are as many variations to this idea as there are types of people under the sun. Crochet shawls can be made for everyday wear, as well as for a dressy occasion, and there are always patterns to be found to match the weather outside or your mood inside! Chenille makes for the most amazingly soft crochet shawl you could ever dream of. A nice variation for the cold weather is the long crochet shawl. This pattern calls for longer rows than the average shawl, allowing the wearer to wrap the excess material around the body. The longer the rows, the more times the shawl can be wrapped (and in my home town, the more wraps the better off you were during those chilly winter days!)

A really cute pattern I saw was one that instructed the crocheter to crochet several individual flowers in many different sizes and colors. Once all the flowers were made, the crocheter finished the shawl by crocheting the flowers together in random order. This is an amazing concept because it gives you the ability to create a lovely crochet shawl that's uniquely your own design! (Doesn't that sound like fun?!) Here's a pattern that I've yet to grasp in theory; the asymmetric crochet shawl. In this pattern, one side is longer than the other (personally, I think that if you want to create this effect, just wear your shawl side ways!) Adding pompoms or fringes to almost any crochet shawl pattern gives the piece added beauty.

For the breastfeeding mothers out there (and I know that you truly belong in the superhero percentage, but for the rest of the public we'll keep your identity safe!), here's an idea. Use a two-toned pattern for your crochet shawl. This pattern has a loose open stitch for the back, but a tight closed stitch for the front wings. This shawl is ideal for when you're stuck in a public setting and your baby simply can't wait for dinner! And to top it all off (excuse the pun) any crochet shawl outfit, you can crochet a great hat to match?!

These are a few of the many wonderful variations on an already excellent theme. I'm sure you've already started hatching some ideas of your own, so get to work! Experiment, have fun, go wild. So, though they may never give you cosmic powers, crochet shawls can always double as a scarf or muff if you're caught unexpectedly in a temperature drop! (I don't know about you, but I'd trade super human strength for warmth any mid-December night!)

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