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Crochet Hat Patterns

Tired of wearing the same old accessories time and time again? Why not try something new and fun? How about following an easy crochet hat pattern to make your own hat?! Whatever style you'd like, whatever size you need, there are crochet hat patterns abound for all occasions. You can try a nice light sun hat for those hot summer days on the beach. Maybe you'd like your own handmade baseball cap to wear at your son's next game. And let's not forget adorable baby bonnets that make those first few months bearable for the little ones. There are several crochet hat patterns for the wild side of us, too. Hippie or flapper style hats say 'let's have some fun!' A crocheted beret makes a stylish statement all that much more impressive. For everyday hat wearers, a crocheted head hugger is a nice change to the humdrum assembly line product will you find in most stores.

Many crochet hat patterns will also come with additional patterns for matching accessories to double the fun. Imagine facing the chill of winter in your own handmade crocheted hat and matching scarf? Or gloves? Or muff? The possibilities are endless! Crochet hat patterns also have summer additions. The only thing nicer than an easy breezy sun hat is a shawl to match! "Accessories" that accompany crochet hat patterns include scarves, shawls, skirts, dresses, bags, swimsuit, gloves, and headbands. You can be as expansive as you'd like.

Here's a fun and easy pattern for a skullcap. Regardless of your religious affiliation, this pattern is an excellent introduction into crochet headgear. It's small, so it will be finished quickly, and simple, so it is great practice for beginners looking to dip their toe into the wide world of crochet hat patterns. Any combination of colors will do for this pattern, and when you get really good, you can have some fun by crocheting names or other words into the pattern. For this pattern you will need a size 11 steel crochet hook and one ball of cotton crochet thread for each color you will be using (this patriotic pattern calls for red, white, and blue!)

Using a size 11 crochet hook, start with the white: ch 6, and then connect with first ch to form a ring. In the ring, dc 2 st in every ch for a total of 12, and join to the first st. *Ch up 2, dc in each st, increasing as needed to keep the work flat, but not regularly (i.e. every five stitches) or you will end up with points. Repeat from *to* until the crown is the desired size (approximately 3" for a child, 4.5" for an adult). Change color to blue for your chain up, and crochet two rows of blue, increasing as necessary. Change color to red for your chain up, and crochet one row of red before starting pattern. Make sure this is a diameter you like, as there should be no increasing after this point.

For the pattern, follow the diagram:

Row 1 x

Row 2 x

Row 3 xxx

Row 4 xxxxxxxxx

Row 5 xxxxxxx

Row 6 xxxxx

Row 7 xx xx

Row 8 x x


NOTE: The overall pattern is 11 stitches wide by 8 stitches long. The first and last stitch of each row is red, while the star pattern itself is worked in white. You can make as many stars as you'd like that fit around the row.

Finish with at least one row of solid red. Tie off the end, and crochet the end along the bottom row.

Here's a great site I found to be very helpful in finding crochet hat patterns. It is well categorized, and offers a large variety. Go on, and explore the possibilities!

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