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Crochet Dog Bed For Less

Let's face the facts about that designer crochet dog bed in the catalog. While some people are ok with spending one hundred dollars and upwards on a pet accessory, some of us are not quite that invested in our cuddly critters. Fortunately for those pet owners there is a much more frugal option. With a little bit of material and some needles, you can make your own crochet dog bed for a whole lot less than they are selling in any of the stores or catalogs.

Choose a pattern that speaks to you, your pooch, or your present room decor. Alternatively, if you have a favorite sweater, throw, or linen that you can't seem to bring yourself to throw away, you can recycle them into a sweet crochet dog bed. Anything that is torn, stained or pilling will make a fantastic bed. Wool and cashmere are perfect materials for this project because they are soft and your pup will love to snuggle into them.

Crochet Dog Bed Pattern #1:

  1. Look at the material colors that you have to work with. Think about a pattern or design that you would like to create for your dog bed. You can write this pattern down or keep a visual picture of it in your mind. You may want to put it down on paper to test out how the colors work with one another.
  2. Cut your sweater or material into long strips ranging from one to two inches depending on how thick the material is. For ease of use, you will want to roll up each color into a ball.
  3. Get out your jumbo crochet hooks because this is going to be one of those projects. Start by making a circle, which will be the center most point of your crochet dog bed. Chain 2 and make five single crochets into the second chain from the hook.
  4. Now you are going to make concentric circles (circles will keep getting bigger as you move outward). Chain 2 and work 5 SC into the second chain from the hook.
  5. Remember, don't join, rather continue around, increasing every stitch for the second round, every other stitch in the third round, every third stitch in the fourth round, etc. keep going just like this until your circle is as big as you want your bed to be. Join the individual threads together by overlapping a few stitches from the last piece.
  6. Now work in the front loop only to start building up the sides. Make a regular round (one stitch into every stitch made), and keep going up until you have built up the walls of your crochet dog bed to a satisfactory height.
  7. Stitch a few slip stitches and finish off for a beautiful crochet dog bed made completely out of recycled materials.

Crochet Dog Bed Pattern #2

Here is another crochet dog bed pattern that is involves the same process as above but in a different form. This one takes more material but makes a big, fluffy and cozy bean bag bed that both you and your dog will love.

  1. You will do very much the same procedure as above except do steps four and five twice so you have two separate large circles.
  2. Next build up the walls starting from one of the circles until you have made the bed as tall as you want it to bed.
  3. Now, a join the top circle to the body, crocheting half way around the circle. Stuff the bean bag bed with lots of material scraps, an old pillow or blanket or other soft items.
  4. Finally, finish crocheting around to seal, and weave in the tail ends of your strips.

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