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Crochet Baby Blanket

Holding your newborn baby is the single most wonderful pleasure any mother can enjoy (I speak from recent experience!) Their warm tiny body, carefully wrapped, sits vulnerably in your arms. The next few weeks become a flurry of unexpected events (regardless of what you expected, they turn out different!) Finally, the frenzy dies down, and you sit down to the ultimate dreaded of tasks; sending out thank you cards. As I looked through the list of generous and thoughtful items relatives and friends had given, I thought about one in particular; a magnificent crochet baby blanket given to me by my great aunt. This was by far the best present we received.

For all those with a knack for crocheting, here's a tip. If you know of, are related to, or even just heard of a lady who is pregnant, get out your needles, and make a crochet baby blanket for her. It will be the highlight of her birth (a very close second to the actual baby!), and put you at the top of her good graces list.

Crochet baby blankets come in a large assortment of different colors and designs. Knowing the gender of the baby makes the color choice easier. A delicate pink for a gorgeous girl, or a bright blue for the beautiful baby boy are the traditional venues. Even if the gender is unknown, or if you are just the untraditional type, there are many neutral colors that can produce lovely crochet baby blankets. Lilac, mint green, white, tan or yellow are all good substitutes for the average. If you are a really good crochet hand, you can try adding some intricate details to your crochet baby blanket (or slightly less intricate if you are newer to the fold). A team of ducks along the bottom corner of the blanket is a sweet finishing touch. Rabbits are also a common favorite. Doves, kittens, puppies, and farm animals also make pretty or fun patterns, depending on what you are looking for.

A little bit more complicated, but well worth every stitch is the crochet baby blanket with a teddy bear center. The bear is centered on the blanket, and can either sit alone or surrounded by toys, letter blocks, bouncing balls etc. Another variation of the teddy bear blanket is the sleepy bear. Instead of the bear sitting upright, have your teddy lying down with a pillow and/or blanket. You can add little frivolities if you'd like, such as fuzzy bear slippers or a nightcap with pompom. Stars and moon overhead completes this picturesque item. For the sports aficionado, try a bear wearing a jersey, and sporting a helmet. In its paws or near its feet put other sports paraphernalia such as a baseball bat, glove, water bottle, hockey stick, tennis racket, whatever you like. Just keep it light and fun. If you have the baby's name(s), choose a few complimentary colors, and stitch the name or initials of the baby into the corner, across the side or throughout the entire pattern. Here's a fun idea I saw. Create the image of a clothing line with each letter of the baby's name on a separate sheet, sock, t-shirt (or any other common clothing article that can be hung-and crocheted!). A bird on either end carrying a string of letters spelling out the name is another cute adaptation. Use your imagination, there are all sorts of creative and adorable twists to the traditional crochet baby blanket.

I will close with a final word that is sure to clinch the deal for crochet baby blankets. These patterns range in difficulty from beginners to intermediate. Even the most complicated of baby blankets will only take you a few days to finish. The easier patterns can be done in less than a day! What more could you want? Crochet baby blankets offer you stunning results in a surprisingly short turnaround time. The choices of patterns are endless, and so are the modifications you can make to create the most unique blanket, best suited for any and all occasions. Just sit back and enjoy the peaceful art itself, and, before you have even realized what's happened, a beautiful heirloom-worthy piece will have appeared in front of your very eyes. Magic? I think not. Just crochet.

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