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Celtic Stitch

Celtic cross stitch is one of the richest forms of all of the cross stitch techniques. With deep colors, intricate geometric patterns, knot work and more, Celtic stitch is a favorite among the competitive and artistic members of the art. In truth, though, everyone from professional to amateur and from young to old can enjoy this style of cross stitch for its beauty and grace. Because of Celtic religious beliefs, Celtic stitch consists of various forms such as animals, plants, and people in zoomorphic form. Many of the Celt folk tales feature such characters and are heavily present in the handiwork of the culture.

If we are going to have a series on Celtic stitch, it is only proper to take a moment to appreciate the culture. This stunning art form was birthed by warriors, a tribal people known as the Celts. They are the only known culture that is equally famous for their war ships as they are for their love and appreciation for art. The fact that such beauty and intricacy originated from such fierce beginnings makes one appreciate the fineness of the technique even more. Filled with mythical symbolism and religious expression, Celtic cross stitch was used as a form of decorative art as well as to capture legends and cultural stories. The lovely art form became as much a part of the culture as any other, and to this day is a living testimony and ingredient of the Celt's rich history.

Because of its decorative nature, Celtic stitch is often used to decorate common household items. This technique is truly the perfect way to dress up a dreary set of linens, wall hanging, throw pillow or set of table linens. Anything from ordinary articles of clothing to change purses can benefit from the addition of a little Celtic stitching.

Cross stitch knots are slightly more complicated than the typical cross stitch pattern. This is because of the beautiful but curved nature of these knots. After a few simple Celtic cross stitch patterns, though, you should be able to move on to more complicated Celtic cross stitch designs. The easiest way to do a Celtic knot is by using graph paper. I could go through the process here (which basically involves a row of dots being marked off and "X"-ed), but the second link below has a detailed tutorial with diagrams. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So I'll let you see for yourself how simple cross stitch knots are once you've been shown the ropes (or the threads). Good luck and enjoy this ancient and gorgeous handiwork.

Here are some sites that will let you download beautiful and free Celtic cross stitch patterns:

Davehall- This one has several beautiful free Celtic cross stitch patterns that you will love. Start with an easier one, and work your way through the lot. Each one is more alluring than the next!

Aon- This is a great site for both patterns and tutorials. Browse through their side bar, as they have a lot to offer.

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