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Washing Away The Winter Blues

Washing Away The Winter Blues

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Are the winter blues getting you down? Tired of the messy house and the grime that winter drags in with it? Enjoy some easy-to-apply tips to keep your house a little tidier this winter.

- Keep a rug by the door (preferably one inside and one out) so mud and sand won't be traipsed through your house when people enter. Disposable paper cutouts are perfect for keeping your car clean as well.

- One cute idea I saw implemented was a shoe rack for all the wet boots. If you have an enclosure around your front door, you can even leave the shoe rack outside. This could work for raincoats too by getting a tall thin coat tree.

- Clean your windows frequently. Aside from the general good feeling of having them crystal clear, clean window glass allows more sunlight into your home. More sunlight means more heat and a brighter home always looks and feels cleaner than a dark one.

- Keeping your home tidy will actually also help you stay warm. Aside from the rigorous workout of picking up after kids and husbands, removing any obstructions from vents, radiators and heating units will allow them to work more efficiently and prevent possible hazards.

- Set up water blocks, in the form of large sand bags or the like, to divert rain/snow water from pooling near your home. The less dirty water sitting around, the less mess and mud will be coming into the house. This also includes clearing out the gutters to allow water to flow properly.

- Don't let wet clothing sit around in heaps. Initially, you can put the wet clothes your kids walk in with into the tub. But attend to them quickly to ensure this soggy mess doesn't pile up or mildew.

- Time to redecorate. Not only will decorating with hefty materials keep you warmer, but also the change in pace, color and style is a guaranteed cure for mid-winter boredom. Even though you may love your wood or tiled floors, winter is not the time to be showing them off. Bare or socked feet will appreciate something warm to come in contact with first thing in the morning or after a long day out in the cold. Lay down carpeting, rugs and mats of every style, material and color, and the thicker the better. Seat covers are great for revamping old chairs and keeping snug in the cold weather. Heavy curtains actually help retain and produce more heat within the room. While redecorating, you can go traditional or get original. Patchwork quilts are traditionally trendy and unusually versatile in decorating. Not only can they be used to dress up an ordinary bedroom, soften a rigid sitting room, or create a timeless table runner or covering, patchwork quilts are terrific wall warmers in the winter. Hang on empty wall space or over unusually cold patches or openings for guaranteed results. Alternatively, if the patchworks of yesterday are not your style, go the opposite route and try the same ideas with more modern materials such as velvet, fleece or velour. Anything plush goes. Finally, throws are somebody's gift to mankind. Stylishly decorative casually draped over a chair and heavenly to cozy up with, throws enwrap you in a world of warmth and chic.

- And, of course, a craft-filled home is a happy home. Everyone being at home for long stretches of time can start to get a little claustrophobic. Have a good stock of craft supplies at the ready, and when it gets overwhelming, just set your kids down with any of our fun . They'll keep busy for hours having fun, and will walk away with a craft that you can display to bring even more little into your home.

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