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Voile Overview

Voile is a transparent woven fabric, mainly used for curtains. It is largely produced from cotton, rayon or silk. Voile which is produced from wool is referred to as "Voile de laine." Voile is designed with a plain, loose weave, usually using cylindrical combed yarns. To obtain a top quality fabric, very highly twisted yarns are used. The weaveprint in Voile fabric is comprised of squares.

Voile Characteristics

Voile is a sheer, extremely lightweight fabric with a frosty appearance, wiry texture, and a hard, crisp finish. Voile ranges from gauzy to ultra fine. Voile has a clear surface, which is achieved by singeing away any fuzzy yarns on the exterior of the fabric. Voile is best characterized by its ability to drape and gather particularly well.

Voile History

The term "voile" originates from the Old French word "veile" which is derived from the Latin term "vela," meaning "covering."

The finest voiles are produced in England and France. Some fancy voiles produced are seed voile, shadow stripe, splash, pique and corded.

What is Voile used for?

Due to the semitransparent, lightweight nature of the fabric, voile is most commonly used to design curtains, as well as blouses and dresses.

Voile Care Instructions

Gentle cycle machine wash 40 degrees
Cool iron

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