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Valentine's Day Projects

Valentine's Day Projects

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In the midst of frigid winds and snowstorms, there nestles a distinct and pleasant feeling of warmth. This sensation is love. Yes, that warm tingling that quickly erupts into an explosion of uncontrollable smiles and mirth, that reassurance of hope against all odds, that time of year is here. Valentine's Day has arrived.

Though all holidays create a feeling of togetherness and bolster within a strong desire to give, Valentine's Day is in a class of its own. Who doesn't put in that extra effort to express genuine love and sentiment during this once a year opportunity? Parents, children, spouses, lovers, and friends seize the occasion to express those deeply rooted feelings of affection.

The frugal do-it-yourselfers are no different. Much like Santa on the days before Christmas, we are all busy in workshops of our own, attending to every painstaking detail, attempting to create the most perfect gift for our loved ones. With little time to spare, and a deadline coming closer, now is no time to be left without a muse. Therefore, I've provided you all with a few sweet and sentimental Valentine's Day projects that you can use to say I love you on this special day.

* Despite the warm feelings being generated, the weather outside is still bitterly cold. Crochet, knit, or sew something cozy for your loved ones to wear. It can be a scarf, gloves, hat, sweater, socks or even a blanket. Choose his/her favorite colors or go with the traditional colors of the day! (For some great patterns and tips, see our other articles and resource guides.)

* A hot glue gun and some old materials can create literally thousands of original projects. A shoebox covered with an old pair of jeans and some tin foil becomes a memory bank or jewelry box. A cut up cereal box and some batting can be a lovely picture frame. Use your imagination, and you will have tons of fun and creative gifts for all your loved ones!

* Everyone knows the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Make a meal that he can feast both his heart and his stomach on. Cover metal twist ties with nice material and bend into heart shapes for pretty napkin rings. Sew potholders and napkins, color original placemats, or decorate a tablecloth with heartfelt sentiments (these can be designs or messages!) The sky's the limits with this idea so really have fun with it!

* Here's a great Valentine's Day project for everyone, young, old, male, female, Orkin, whatever! Love notes and cards can be made from any number of materials from red and white construction paper to brightly colored candy wrappers. Glitter, magazine cut outs, stickers, you name it! Pop-up or bobble head cards are really fun. Fill with a personalized message, and your loved one will be simply smitten!

* Valentine coupons are sure to make them smile. The coupons can be redeemable for anything you want. Free hugs, get out of a chore for a day or a quiet dinner out are some favorites.

* Mosaics and collages are often thought of as childish, but, in reality, they are strictly an adult craft. A well thought out collage will hold mounds of sentimentality for you and your loved ones. Reminiscing through old pictures and newspaper clippings can stir even the strongest man.

* Pins and magnets from clay are great projects for kids to make with a little help.

* Pretty chiffon or tool can be tied up with a nice ribbon or string and filled with potpourri to add a pleasant scent to the day. Alternatively, you could cut two pieces of material in the same shape. Holding both pieces together, punch holes all around. With a thick-eyed needle, sew a thread or ribbon through the holes, stopping four or five holes from the top. Fill the sacks with potpourri, and finish with a bow. Or, use candy for a really sweet treat!

* An ultimate favorite is the heart-shaped pillow or decorative pillowcases (see our homepage for in-depth articles on these subjects).

* Here are some stereotypical basics you can use to create the perfect Valentine's Day projects. Materials like lace, fleece, or satin, the colors red, pink and white, perfume sprays, and tissue paper all shout out 'Valentine's Day'.

* For a sweet art project, use peanut butter or a sugar and water paste as glue. This is especially good for creating all-edible projects.

Try one or try them all! These Valentine's Day projects can be done by sentimental moms and dads, love-smitten friends, or kids of all ages. This year, fall in love with these easy and fun Valentine's Day projects for everyone!

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