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Turn Old Sweaters Into Quilts

Turn Old Sweaters Into Quilts

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Who doesn't own an entire closet's worth of out of style or worn out clothing? Whether you are unfortunate enough to have them cluttering up your closet or you are hording them away somewhere deep in the dark recesses of your attic/storage shed/garage, you and I both known they're there. So the question for the frugal and creative homemaker is what to do with these unnecessary mothball collectors? Here's one unique idea: turn old sweaters into quilts.

That's right. This original idea has much merit to it. When you turn old sweaters into quilts you are killing two birds with one stone. You are relieving yourself of those cumbersome hand me downs, out dated styles, and worn out favorites. On the other hand, you are gaining something unusual, creative, and useful! Homemade quilts are sentimental and sturdy, and give you a real sense of pride each time you see someone using it. We all know how hard it is to part with certain truly beloved articles of clothing. Another added bonus you receive when you turn old sweaters into quilts is the tender feeling of making use of an old favorite. This way, it will stick around long after its initial functionality has died out.

Whether you knit, crochet, or use a simple needle and thread stitch, you can turn old sweaters into quilts, producing truly magnificent results. What's more, you'll be joining one of the hottest fads around. The latest trend in clothing and interior design, shabby-chic takes the old, the worn out, the trash-bound, and makes it into a piece of art that is both useful and beautiful. These pieces (often replicas of things that you can find in thrift stores for $2) can sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. So if you're interested in jumping on the bandwagon, or just can't stand seeing things go to waste, then you will love to turn old sweaters into quilts.

Here are some tips to make your sweater-quilt come out like something you'd find behind the glass of a department store.

Discolorations, stains, and fade marks don't have to render the sweater useless. On the contrary, some imperfections can enhance a quilt, adding definition and character and ensuring that each piece will be unique.

While tears are often difficult to repair, they too don't disqualify a garment from use. Especially if you are doing a patchwork style quilt, tears can simply be sewn up or used as a seam for the next piece. Since your goal is a mélange of sweater goods, these tears and seams fit right in.

Regardless of their size, old sweaters can make great quilts. Really petite sizes are great for baby or pet blankets. Or you can sew a few of these together for a fun and colorful patchwork design.

Cut the seams of the sleeves or undo with a seam-ripper for the cleanest job,

All trimmings, buttons, and extras should be detached and set aside for later use if possible. However, don't ruin the garment to remove these, and don't strip any sequence or appliqués. These will add a pretty touch to the quilt.

With little more than some thread, you can create a masterpiece that you will cherish for years to come. Step into the trend, and get rid of those old sweaters in style!

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