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Top 12 Indoor Craft Ideas

Top 12 Indoor Craft Ideas

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With the winter weather fast approaching, make sure you are geared up with loads of indoor crafts for kids. Here is a list of some of our favorite indoor crafts for young and old. (Projects with a * indicate that we have extensive articles on our site dealing with these topics. So be sure to read up and enjoy!)

1. Greeting cards and paper crafts*- A good supply of craft paper will take you a long way, regardless of age or creative ability. From greeting cards to signs, paper cuttings and decoration items, there are hundreds of hours worth of fun awaiting you with some colorful craft paper and a few basic supplies.

2. Edible crafts- These are fun to do on a rainy or snowy day because, aside from filling up the afternoon with some enjoyable hours, you are left with delicious results.

3. Beads and jewelry making*- Beads are classic indoor craft projects that can be tailored to any age child. From simple bead stringing for two year olds to complicated clay bead making and decorating, beads and jewelry making is an art loved by all.

4. Cartoon strips/flip books- Take a stack of notepapers and, beginning from the bottom of the stack, draw a simple picture. On the next paper, draw the same picture, only slightly different. Continue doing this throughout the stack of paper. When you are finished, flip through the whole stack to turn your cartoon strip into an animated motion picture book.

5. Paper bag or sock puppets*- Puppets are a double win situation. First you have loads of fun crafting adorable puppets using any craft materials you want. Once you've created your army of sock or bag puppets, you can put on an entertaining puppet show to further the fun and enjoyment of this craft.

6. Collages- Collages are fabulous indoor crafts that can take so many different shapes and forms. Crafting materials for this project are numerous and varied. Try pictures, material scraps, paper remnants or pieces of broken pottery for a unique collage. Punch holes in colorful paper to make a dot art collage or create an alphabet collage book. Let kids cut out pictures from a magazine or book representing each letter of the alphabet. Make a different unique page for each letter, helping children learn the letter to sound connection while they craft. This same idea can be adapted to make name books or any other word.

7. Picture frames- Picture frames are also classic indoor crafts. The best part is that anything goes. Use uncooked pasta, clay, batting and material, craft foam, metallic paper, or anything else you have around the house. Frame your favorite moments in this memorable indoor craft.

8. Stencils- Stencils range the ability levels from about four years and up. Smaller children can use simple plastic stencils and colored pencils on paper for a fun activity. (You can also make your own stencil from cardboard or flexible plastic.) Older kids and adults can enjoy stenciling onto items to decorate or give a new life to an old favorite. Stenciled items, especially tiles and wall borders, make stunning decor items for around the house.

9. Create your own puzzle- This is a fun and unique indoor craft. Take a nice picture, say from a magazine that you like, and glue it to a piece of cardboard. Let dry completely, and then turn over. On the backside of the cardboard, draw a range of interlocking puzzle pieces. You can do this simply by making a grid of zigzagged lines about 1" apart across and down the entire cardboard. Alternatively, you can draw actual puzzle-shaped pieces. This is more time consuming, but also more challenging. Using an exact-O knife, cut out the pieces according to the lines you've drawn. Have fun putting your exclusive puzzle together. Really personalize your puzzle project by making a puzzle from a photo of a loved one. Give as a gift that is sure to be treasured.

10. Doll house and accessories/diorama*- You can go as simple or as in depth as you like with this project. Cut out 3-dimensional furniture items from craft foam, cardboard and other crafting materials. Make curtains, rugs, linens etc. from fleece, cloth or felt paper. For a 1-dimensional diorama, you can use magazine cut outs for furniture, people etc.

11. Coasters- Coasters can be made from a wide variety of craft material and personalized to your specific taste. Corkboard is wonderful material for coasters because it absorbs the heat and moisture. You can decorate with markers, paint, buttons, sewing thread, beads and more. This nifty craft will leave you with an attractive household item that you'll get use out of time and time again.

12. Pillows*- For all the sewing crafters out there, pillows and pillow covers will be right up your alley. You can decorate a throw pillow that you already have with embroidery, stitching, lace or a new pillow cover. You can also make your own pillow, sewing an interior case, stuffing it with batting, material scraps or an old pilling sweater. Finish off with a decorative pillowcase, fringes or embellishments.

INDOOR CRAFTS FOR ADULTS (because we get bored sometimes too!) While adults can surely enjoy any of the above indoor crafts, here is a list of additional projects that are particularly suited for a more mature crowd.

Tin can luminaries- Choose a pattern or design, draw it onto the metal can, fill with water and let freeze until solid. Tap holes into the lines of the design by driving the tip of a nail into the pattern lines with a hammer, no less than " apart or you will lose the picture or the holes. Discard the ice when finished making the holes. Let the can dry completely and then decorate the outside as you like. You can either place a candle inside or cut out the bottom and hang over a light bulb for a beautiful light show.

Scrapbooks*- Scrapbooks and memory albums can fill hours, days and weeks of your time this winter. You can decide the amount of time and energy you spend on this project.

Floral arrangements, wreaths and other table decor*- Everyone likes to make something to dress up the table, mantel, or hallway shelf. Use silk flowers, dry your own bouquet, make from tissue paper or create your own creative floral substitute and display prominently.

Holiday themes and decorations*- Holiday decorations can be made any time of the year to add a little bit of festivity and cheer to a boring or humdrum day.

Candles- These are illuminating and beautiful, a pleasant and calming craft that you are going to love.

Pet toys*- Let's not forget women's best friends. From pups to parakeets, our pets will appreciate the smallest knickknack made with affection.

Things to avoid:

-...projects that need to air-dry such as heavy coats of paint or excessive amounts of glue (the winter dampness doesn't offer ideal conditions) for example: paper mache

-...aerosol spray projects. These usually need to be done in a well-insulated area; again, closed windows and small rooms don't fit the bill.

-...projects that involve water. No one wants to get wet in the winter, it's just too cold!

Stitch and save is filled with plenty of indoor crafts that you will enjoy.

Note: indoor crafts are not limited to the winter months. Enjoy these great indoor craft ideas during summer break, holiday seasons and any time your kids are itching for something to do.

*See our wide range of these projects for more detailed instructions on these indoor crafts right here on

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