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Table Setting Ideas

Table Setting Ideas

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Properly laid out table settings will make your events stand out from the rest. From an exciting party table setting to elegant table settings for extra special occasions, you can use small and simple means to give the entire evening an unforgettable look and feel. Ideas for table setting can be difficult to come up with on your own, but you'd be surprised at how many ordinary items you can use for this fun pre-party preparation. Here are a few table setting ideas that you can use, whether planning a gala event or just in the mood of dressing up dinner.

Dried flowers make sensational table toppers- You can buy packages of potpourri or dried flowers or you can make your own if you have enough time. Sprinkle these lovely embellishments across the table liberally, in cups, over dishes, around serving items or centerpieces. Not only will these table settings make the table look fabulous, but the aroma is delicate and lovely as well.

Flowers- A bouquet of flowers will automatically make any table setting look better. Depending on the occasion, this can be a small, handpicked bunch of daisies from the backyard displayed in a tin milk jug or a cascading waterfall of roses and lilies in fitting colors. You can use real flowers, which certainly posses their own flavor and charm, or silk flowers, which can be used over again. Be sure to introduce other natural elements such as stones, pinecones, fall leaves, and twigs. Fill baskets with pinecones or nest a serving dish in (washed) branches for a rustic and totally unique spread.

Decorative material goes party table linen- Here is another great elegant table settings tip. Clothe pieces and material scraps of many different types can be transformed into gorgeous table settings. Cut a long strip to run down the center of the table as a table runner. You can use the same or contrasting color material to make individual placemats, and tie it all together by alternating napkin colors and/or napkin ring colors. Napkin rings and matching placemats are simple to make and make the entire table seem coordinated and fun. Layer multiple pieces and colors of material to dress up the tables as well. This can be as elaborate and grandiose as your tastes allow.

Napkins- There are many fun and beautiful things you can do with an ordinary paper or cloth napkin. Color coordinate your napkins to contrast or complement your tablecloth, runner or other table linens. Fold napkins into unique shapes such as fans, swans, or pockets for silverware. Leave napkins to cascade out of a wine glass or down each person's plate. And don't forget your napkin rings!

Props and unusual items makes for interesting centerpiece- Eye catching items such as a unique vase, antique birdcage or candlesticks, or oddity such as a large ceramic boot can add personality and interest to an ordinary party table setting. Place in the center of a dinner table or raised up in a prominent space in the middle or end of a buffet.

Tassels, ribbons and bows- Ribbon and bows add an instant festivity to the air. Tie around glasses, drape over serving dishes, or place intermittently throughout the table for a subtle and easy decoration.

Candles- Candles make everything more exciting. From a romantic dinner for two to an elegant party with friends, candles will really go a long way to making the event unique. Tall taper candles in brass candlesticks, tea lights floating in a small glass bowl or a variety of tall and short, fat and thin, multi-colored and solids, candles will truly light up the night.

Beaded jewelry- Beaded jewelry items are excellent ideas for table setting in a snap. Drape strands of beads down the center of the table, through vases or around wine glasses for a sophisticated and super simple way to dress up your next meal.

Mirrors- Placing a serving dish onto a mirrored surface adds an element of depth to a party table setting. In addition, mirrors duplicate the already delicious or attractive qualities within the food.

Baskets- Baskets are fantastic table setting ideas that you can use on any occasion. From casual to formal, baskets are an easy way to display and serve food, and make attractive table decor as well. Wicker baskets are rustic and satin trimmed ones will look elegant amidst your table setting. Fill with rolls, silverware, napkins, decorative items, or party favors.

Plate ornaments or gifts- Last but not least in our list of show-stopping table settings, gifts and favors are always a lovely and appreciated gesture. Not only does a well-placed ornament make your table layout look incredible and organized, it will also show guests that they are really welcome.

Additional elements of design:

You can also use these quick and pretty plate decor tricks to make plates that are delectable to the palette and the eyes. Dress up the plate with food shavings such as chocolate or carrot. Drizzle chocolate or raspberry syrup around a dessert item or sprinkle confectioner's sugar across the tip. Place sprigs of cilantro, scallions or other fresh greens to add color and style to a main or side dish.

Use as many of these table setting ideas as you like, and as often as you want. One thing you should remember, though, is not to overcrowd the table, though. You want to be able to see and converse with your dinner guests.

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