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Summer Camp Toiletry Organizers

Summer Camp Toiletry Organizers

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The air is charged with excitement. That time you've all been waiting for has finally come. Summer camp is only a few days away! Your daughter hasn't stopped talking about it for the past two months. Giddy with excitement, she's rattled off her supplies list forty five times, checking and re-checking that all the necessities have been purchased. Latest style magazines have, of course, been consulted for all clothing and accessories bought, and only the hottest shoes of the season can be worn while hiking, playing sports, and running around in the dirt. The summer starts out nice, but the unfortunate outcome is inevitable. Small items are always lost in the busy bunkhouses, and bottles of three-quarter full shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face creams etc. disappear. The week before visiting day is a whirlwind of shopping done to replace the razor, hairbrush, nail files, and assorted accessories that have been misplaced. Your shopping bill instantly doubles on a whole slew of items that you've already bought!

Don't you wish this last scenario could be avoided? Allow me to suggest one last acquisition that will alleviate much of your headache and lower your toiletry bill for the summer. A trendy summer camp toiletry organizer is a lifesaver. Use a convenient organizer to put all those loose items that would certainly go by way of the lost and gone forever list. A must for anyone going to summer camp, toiletry organizers come in a variety of styles and designs with compartments galore. Organizers have small pockets with zippers for little items, large pockets with snaps for bigger things, Velcro pouches, and more. Many even have convenient hooks for hanging near your bed or in the bathrooms. These trendy totes also fold up into small convenience-sized parcels. Plastic shields protect your things from water, dirt, and other hazardous materials. Some even come with a small mirror, perfect for your pretty princess who can't go anywhere without applying a little make-up.

Wire organizers are also popular if your kids are going to a camp where they can leave their things in the shower or bathroom itself. Slide out shelves give you twice as much room as a regular shower caddy, leaving ample space for all hair and body care products. Even if left in a bunkroom, wire organizers provide excellent storage and easy access to all your toiletries.

However, these beauties aren't only suited for summer camp. Toiletry organizers aren't just great for your girls, either. Good for toothbrush and paste, hair combs, and all other miscellaneous items, organizers create order and logic to otherwise chaotic camp mornings. Your boys can also take advantage of these organizational tools, keeping some sense to their frenzied two, four, or eight weeks away from home.

Visit your local camping gear stores, or go online for great summer camp toiletry organizers. has a nice selection of organizers in a variety of designs and colors. also has tons of wonderful choices for organizational traveling tools. These sites both offer brand names, and quality pieces in a large assortment of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes that will satisfy even the most finicky camp goer. Starting as low as six dollars for an inexpensive plastic case, and going as high as eighty dollars for a beautiful leather satchel with all the trimmings, summer camp toiletry organizers are the way to go for any camper looking for a little bit of order this summer. And who knows, with these handy items, maybe this year's toiletries and other camp supplies will actually last the entire summer!

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