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Stunning Round Table Cloths

Stunning Round Table Cloths

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Out with the old, in with the new. So goes the familiar wave of fads And then, once in a while, there comes along a trend that is just so stylish, just so perfect, that, as the unrelenting dance of fashion presses on, these items remain to become classics. Round table cloths are one of these timeless pieces. Our great great grandmothers lovingly hand-stitched stunning showcase items for their daughters dowries, and throughout the centuries, ladies of aristocracy have found pleasure in dotting over this exquisite project.

Passage of time has only made round tablecloths more charming. But in reality, who has time to create such napery? With our nine to five lives, be it in the office or at home, we are much too busy for such frivolity. Yes, and no. Though most of us will agree that there isn't time in the day to spend hours crocheting the intricate lace work of our foremothers, there may be a few minutes to complete a simple replica of the hallowed round table cloths of yesteryear. With an attractive and elegant material, you can make stylish round tablecloths to add that extra touch of décor that's missing.

Round table cloths are a classy and beautiful way to cover a stylish round table. They can be a tricky business, though, without proper guidance. Follow these easy steps to beautiful tableware.

Buy materials that will suite this purpose. Lace is very popular, as is chiffon, but you are not limited to any one style.

First decide how long you want your table cloths to be. Many enjoy the elegance of floor-length, while others prefer a more practical shorter length. Having the width of your round table cloths short and the length long creates a stylish effect. This is an especially good idea if this table cloth is being used on a table that has attractive legs that you might not want to hide away completely.

Next, get out the measuring tape. Measure the diameter of your tabletop. Measure from the edge of the table until the bottom of the desired cloth length. Double this figure, and add the diameter (from one side of the tabletop straight across to the other side) to get the total amount of cloth you will need (do this for the height and the width). Add about two inches to your total for seams.

Some people like to use a paper cut out pattern for guidance. If so, use a newspaper or some type of paper that is larger than half your tabletop diameter (for full-sized tables, this is obviously not practical.)

Using a protractor (you may have to borrow this from your kids, and don't be too proud to ask them how it works) to draw a quarter circle on the paper. Cut out this shape.

Fold your fabric in half, and then in half again so you have a small fat square of cloth.

Secure the paper to your cloth, and cut out the pattern.

Fold about an inch of the raw edging under, and, using a machine or needle, sew down your seam. At this point you can also add any decorative ribbon, lace or edging to your round table cloths.

Drape over your table and see new possibilities come to life instantly!

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