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Staying Warm This Winter

Staying Warm This Winter

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Snuggling up with your kids or Fluffy can certainly keep one toasty. Unfortunately, we can't sit on the couch sipping cocoa all winter (after all, somebody's got to make the cocoa). Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to save your toes, nose and oh's from frostbite and keep your family warm this winter.

Safety first: Before the weather even gets too cold, you should service, clean and replace heating elements that are damaged. This is not just energy and heat saving advice, but it can be hazard prevention as well.

Mother knows best: Your mom always said it, and now it's your turn. Keep the front door closed because everyone knows "We don't have to heat the whole neighborhood, you know!" And in the same vein. . .

Focus: Instead of heating the whole house all day, direct the heat into the rooms that are being used. For example, heat up the living room area during the afternoon when kids are home and playing or doing homework there. Heat the bedrooms only at nights (you can jumpstart your bedroom heating with an inexpensive electric blanket- these cost nothing to run and save you lots on your heating bills). Use a thermostat to control heat output when nobody is home, and close off rooms that are not in use to avoid heat escaping in there unnecessarily.

Shine a little light: During the day, when the sun is out, open your shades and let in some sunshine. This will actually warm up your apartment by day, and help retain heat even into the night hours.

Ceiling fans: Reversing the direction of your ceiling fans will actually help circulate warm air from the ceiling down to the rest of the room.

When hitting the bottle is ok: Hot water bottles are cozy and fun. You can even make your own personalized holders. Put one under your covers just before bedtime for a warm welcome and a good night sleep.

Stock your freezer and keep warm: Lots of you will like this one (and others will simply hate it). Get in the kitchen and start cookin'. Aside from the fact that you'll be eating hot food to warm your insides, the steam from your stovetop will be a welcome blast of warmth on those frigid days. Let your oven do double work, preparing yummy foods and heating the house at the same time.

Light up the night: Remember when we learned how to make candles? Well put those skills to good use. Burning even a small candle can increase the warmth in a given area, so light up the night. Again this can also help with the glum moods that sometime accompany a long stretch of cold weather.

I made it myself! And finally, crank out all those great accessories that you've been crocheting, knitting, marcraming, or whatevering all year and reap the benefits. Fleece gloves, woolly scarves and cozy hats will keep you warm this winter, and give you a sense of accomplishment over a job well done.

Now that you've warmed up, you can focus your attention on more important things; like fun craft ideas that you and your kids can do on those wet and cold days indoors. And with all the money you've saved on heating, you can buy loads of supplies. Happy crafting!

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