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Stamping Crafts = Stamping Fun

Stamping Crafts = Stamping Fun

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We've already discussed how to make your own rubber stamp, so now we will move on to the second part of the excitement; stamping crafts. These easy stamping crafts will entertain you, your kids and your friends for hours, and the end results will always be sweet. So get ready for some stamping fun for everyone.

Easy Stamping Crafts

Stamping cards- Stamping cards is a great way to make unique greeting cards for birthdays, holidays and any other occasion you wish to celebrate. You can take this concept and make it as simple or as complex as you like. For example, you can add a small word or picture detail to a pre-existing card or you can create totally personalized stamping cards complete with a stamped background, border, details and design elements.

Scrapbooks- This is the same idea as stamping cards only on a larger scale. You can also create more complicated concepts such as stamped layers, pockets, or 3-dimensional objects. When working with both cards and scrapbooks, you can also include photographs into your design.

Spruce up old items- Stamping fun images and designs onto cards or large pieces of paper can give new life to an otherwise unusable item. After stamping your desired design onto paper, you can adhere these pages to any household item such as disposable canisters, tins or boxes. This can be done on any item, but will obviously work best on things that don't need to be washed.

Rubber stamping gift wrap- Create your very own personalized gift wrap to really give a present that is unique. Personalize the gift wrap by making a rubber stamp of the receiver's name, favorite food, hobby or a clue as to what the present contains.

Bookmarks- This is the same idea as the gift wrap on a smaller scale. You can print your rubber stamps onto cardboard, foam or other absorbent materials to create fun and one of a kind bookmarks for you and your kids.

Clothing items- For a bold fashion statement, stamp funky images and trendy patterns onto a boring piece of clothing or outfit. Add flowers to a dull dress or your favorite animal to a sweater that needs something extra.

Ceramic tiles- You can stamp directly onto ceramic tiles using permanent ink (this will be marked on the package that it can be used on glass or tiles). Stamp a pattern onto tiles around your home such as in the bathroom or on the kitchen back splash to add flair, color and individuality to your room. Alternatively, you can stamp onto individual tiles to create your own set of coasters for the house. Stamping can also be done on glass, but thought should be put into this activity to ensure that you will not regret the image or pattern after it is in place.

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