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Stain removal tips

Stain removal tips

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Stain removal tips that work

Almost everyone has faced the problem of stains. It is very common phenomena in which clothes are spoiled because of stains and you have to throw out your favorite cloth. So follow the points that are given below and enjoy the pleasure of your favorite clothes-

For different type of stains different type of techniques are being used but general procedure is same for all types of stain. Rub the stain vigorously and then rinse. If you are unable to remove stain by doing this then you can add a mild detergent in lukewarm water and dip the cloth in it. This works on almost ninety percent of stains. If the stain is tough then add 1 part vinegar in 2 part water and dip the cloth. This will help in removing tougher stains. Another method that can be used to remove tougher stain is mixing isopropyl alcohol with water.

For stains that have occurred due to oil you can use dishwashing soap. If you are unable to remove stain by doing this then use another method. Apply cornstarch or baby powder on the area of stain. Allow it to settle down for few minutes. Once it is done, remove stain by using brush.  Spray stain remover on the stain and put the stain side of the garment on a paper towel. Rub as that will help in removing the stain.

If it is a chocolate stain then first soak it in the cold water and use detergent to eliminate the stain. Then use either warm water or hot water and wash it. If stain is still there then use hydrogen peroxide for removing it.

For tomato based stains or ketchup stains one should not rub it. This will make it worse. Instead of working on the front side of the stain, work on the opposite side of the cloth and rub it with the help of detergent and hot water.

If the stain has occurred because of soda then combine water with hydrogen peroxide. Take 3 cup water and add one fourth cup of hydrogen peroxide. Spray it on the stain and allow it to settle down for few minutes. Rinse the cloth and repeat the procedure if required. If you cloth has got stain due to juice then never use detergent or warm water on the stain as this can create problems. Use either vinegar solution or cool water for removing stains.

If the stain has occurred because of blood then washing it with cold water and rubbing it can be of great help if the stain is fresh. If the blood is dried then use peroxide for removing stain.

If the stain has occurred because of polish then create the mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. For making good mixture take 2 parts of water and add in it one part of isopropyl alcohol. By applying this mixture on the spot you can easily remove the stains of liquid polish from the colored clothes.

If you want to know more about removing stains then you can click on the link

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