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Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets

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Sock puppets are a classic home craft project that will never go out of style. These adorable creations entertain children for hours, both in the creation process and as a toy once completed, and their natural simplicity and charm make sock puppets uniquely endearing.

If you have a few minutes, you can make friendly sock puppets together with your kids. They'll enjoy the gluing stages, and will smile as you sew the finishing touches onto your masterpiece. Again, because this project is so easy, making a whole army of sock puppets can take you minutes. So recycle those solitary socks from the basket on top the dryer, and use them for the thing that they are most suited; sock puppetering.

What you'll need

Socks (the stranger the design the better, of course)

Yarn, string or other hair-like material

Buttons or googly eyes for eyes

Fabric glue or hot glue gun

Needle and thread (optional)

Permanent marker (optional)

Misc. crafts supplies (optional)

Here's what to do

1. Place the sock over your hand for best results. Push the toe part of the sock in between your four fingers and your thumb to create an indentation for the mouth. (This is especially effective when the toe is another color than the sock, but not imperative.)

2. Have your kids glue hair on the top towards the back of the sock. (Note: if you're using a hot glue gun, mark the spot with a marker while on your hand, then remove the sock from your hand to prevent burning yourself with the hot glue. Children should not use hot glue guns unless carefully supervised.)

3. Sew or hot glue gun the eyes onto the face of your puppet. You can add a penny, pom pom, button or bean for a nose if you so desire.

4. Permanent marker can be used to draw on additional facial features, bow ties, or other accessories for added amusement.


- If you want to get fancy, you can cut out an oval shape from between your fore finger and thumb, line it with cardboard, and sew it back in for a highly professional mouth.

- Decorating your sock puppets also holds a huge variety of choices. You can go simple, like we did above, or get complex with different characters. Granny puppet can have bifocals and an apron. Gramps can have a moustache and pipe. A baseball cap for Jr. or long curly hair for the little princess. Animals are also fun, and the zanier your characters are the more enjoyable for all. Let your creativity really run wild with this one, you and your kids will have a blast.

- Cut out a puppet theater from a piece of oak tag or large appliance carton (ex. refrigerator). Have your kids color and design their theater. You can run a string across the opening and hang a curtain for between scene changes. Again, have a ball with this. Your kids will love the whole experience, and the more enthusiasm you put into this, the greater experience it will be for them as well.

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