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Sew a cozy little bed for your cat

Sew a cozy little bed for your cat

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Sew a cozy little bed for your cat

Pet owners know how great it is to curl around your little pet in bed after a long and tiring day. Many people like to keep cats as pets and they are very amiable and loving creatures. Being warm, friendly, and understanding, it is a comforting experience to have a pet cat. You do not have to spend too much time to take care of them. However, all may not share same views.

Different people have different views. There are many who consider cats as not very good pets. But, here we are referring to those people who love being with cats. It’s nice to share your bed with your pet cat at the end of the day and make it feel cozy and comfortable with you.

But what happens after you marry and you have to share your bed with your spouse? Where does your poor little cat go? You do not have to rack your brains too much. A simple and easy solution is to prepare a soft and cozy bed for your cat where it can easy curl in and have a relaxing time. Sometimes, you might see that your cat loves being curled up on your jacket or sweater and you might wonder how to get the cat off the jacket. The answer is simple. Create a new bed for the cat where it can easily cuddle in.

When you are choosing a fabric for making a cat bed, see to it that you do not choose one that can be easily gnawed at and cut by the cat. Heavy cotton fabric is a good choice. Do not use any fabric that can hurt your pet and cause injury to it. Wool is also an option but there are mixed opinions on it. Some feel that it can easily choke a cat while there are many who feel it is a very good fabric. As you have a good idea about your pet and the things it likes to sit on, you can pick a fabric that would suit your pet.

For fillers, choose either something that is soft and comfortable for the cat or something that is firm so that the cat can easily relax on it. Again, you need to decide on this keeping in mind what would suit your pet the best.

Cut two equal circles from the fabric depending on the size of the cat and leave around 2 inches extra space at the edges. Then place one circle above the other and pin it up on the sides. While placing one circle above the other, see that the face of the fabric which should ultimately be out is currently in. Next, sew the circles together and leave some space open. Once this is done, put your hand in the small space open and pull outside the inner side of the fabric i.e. invert the materials so that you can have the right side of the fabric on top. After that, put in stuffing through the small space left open and sew the circles completely. Your cat bed is ready and you have sewn it yourself. Doesn’t it feel great to do something for your precious loved ones, be it children or be it your little pets? To know about other different ways to sew a cat bed for your pet, you can visit the following link,

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