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Sew A Cat Bed

Sew A Cat Bed

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There are few things in life more rewarding than curling up after a long hard day with a furry feline friend. Contrary to well-known myths and lies that have been vehemently spread about these beloved creatures (by heartless anti-love mongers), cats are amiable, and make for enjoyable companions. They are warm and friendly, comforting and accepting, non-demanding and understanding. They are pleasant to be around and require only a small amount of care. Having lived with numerous cats throughout my life, I speak from years of enjoyable? Experience.

Alas, if only all the world shared our affection for these majestic animals, miniature packages of comfort that they are. It cannot be said, however, that everyone out there feels the same way about cats as you or I. I found this out one unfortunate day when the man I was engaged to (and am currently married to…priorities people!) informed me that the four-legged friends I so adored would not be welcome in our new home. In my husband's defense, he did try it out. We had a rambunctious kitten of our own for a few weeks early on in our marriage. That was a resounding success for failure. Sometimes, though, you can come to a compromise with your non-pet loving spouse. Where the line is usually drawn, though, are the sleeping arrangements. Where as you once shared your mattress with your shinning-eyed friend, you now have a new partner. One who is less than not at all interested in asking the cat to kindly 'budge up' in the middle of the night.

Fear not, there is a solution. Whiskers does not have to feel abandoned or rejected by his previous pal. You can create a haven for your little friend. Sew a cat bed for him to cuddle up in at night. When you sew a cat bed, each member of the family has his or her own personal spot with enough room to stretch.

Even if you live alone, or with several other cat enthusiasts, you may have reason to sew a cat bed. Perhaps your furry friend has taken up residence on your favorite sweater, jacket or some other belonging to you. Want to reclaim that item, but can't figure out how to keep the cat away long enough to snatch it, wash it, and wear it? Sew a cat bed for your kitty to nap in, and these problems are as good as gone.

This project is simple, and requires just a few supplies. Here's what you will need:

Material- Choose a fabric that won't give way to the incessant gnawing of little cat teeth or licking. Hairballs or more serious injuries might be incurred if you are not careful with your fabric selection. Most cottons or heavy cloth fabrics are fine. Wool has made a tremendous amount of controversy in the pet bed world. Some people swear wool is a huge choking hazard for little Brownie, while others will use nothing else to sew a cat bed. You know your pet best, choose accordingly.

Filler- Two choices are available for this part of the project. You might like the idea of soft fluffy filling for your bed, as comfort is your key goal. Others may find a firmer pillow to be more relaxing. Again, this is your call based on your cat. Keep in mind, though, that after you sew a cat bed there is an extremely large probability that you may need to wash that cat bed. As such, buy something that will either dry quickly in the sun or is dryer-safe.

Needle and thread- can't do too much sewing without 'em.

Some 'recipes' will call for a basket as the base of their cat bed. (If you're really lazy, you can just throw an old pillow and blanket into the basic, and you are home free with a perfectly cozy cat bed. They are really not too picky when it comes to sleeping arrangements! If you wan to put in a little more effort, though, continue reading!) This is not a necessary purchase, but can make for a prettier project depending on how handy you are.

Now that you have your supplies, let's have a little instruction.

Decide whether this is going to be a simple cozy pillow for you cat, or if you want a little more structure (like walls) for the bed. Regardless, a lining is a good idea to keep the shape of the bed. Plain white cotton is fine for this.

Cut out two circles to size (the size will depend on how large or small your cat is), and leave about 1-1 1/2 inches extra. If you are using lining, cut out circles from this as well. (Note: If you would like to add a zipper to your cat bed, which I highly recommend, add another 1 1/2 inches to the edge of each circle.)

Line up both circles on top of each other evenly material side in (i.e. the side that you want facing out in the end should be facing in now), and, using straight pins, pin them together all the way around. (If you are using lining, do this with each half and sew together before you pin your two halves to each other.)

Sew almost all the way around your circle, leaving a small opening for the stuffing. Be sure to remove each pin as you go along, you don't want Calico finding those pins later!

Invert your material so that the right side is now facing out.

Stuff the bed with whichever filler you've chosen, and sew the remainder of the circle closed.

If you are using a zipper, it is just a little different. Most people find it easiest to first sew the pillow half way around the circle. Then invert, and add the zipper. Stuff and zip.

If you are not afraid to get a little more complicated (don't worry, not too much), here's a really fun cat bed for you to make: Follow these easy instructions for an inexpensive, and adorable bed your pet is sure to love.

So that's it. Cat beds are so easy, and so practical, too. Don't get into a fight or get upset over the cat (trust me, it's not worth it!) Sew a cat bed. This way your spouse is happy, you are happy, your roommate, who's been dying to borrow your sweater for the past two months, is happy, and kitty is certainly happy.

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