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Scrapbook Project 101: How to Scrapbook

Scrapbook Project 101: How to Scrapbook

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Scrapbooking is one of the most enjoyable ways to preserve a cherished memory. And here's why. Picture your college graduation. Remember the joy, the relief, the excitement. Try to recall the faces, the sounds and the feelings that surrounded that moment when the caps went up and the sun went down on another chapter of your life. Twenty years later, the memories aren't quite as vivid. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to capture that emotionally charged moment forever? Imagine being able to preserve each of the senses you were experiencing at the time to be relived over and over again. Well, that's what scrapbooking is all about. Capture the smell with a flower petal, etch the sounds with quotable quotes, and remember the anticipation and elation with pictures, colors and memorabilia from that day.

You can create a living memory of anything by making a scrapbook to commemorate. Scrapbooks can be fashioned in any style and for any occasion. Use this scrapbook project to remember a golden birthday, an unforgettable vacation trip, a dear friendship, a favorite pet, a life-changing experience or a cause or event that you really put your heart and soul into. Relive the memory each time you flip through the hand crafted and 100% personalized, totally unique pages.

What's more, scrapbooking is recycling at its best. Before those scraps are even considered trash, a use has been found. Each time you do a project, collect the leftover scraps. Then, when the urge to make a scrapbook overtakes you, you've got half your work done already. Bursting with individual detail and personal effort, scrapbooks make amazing gifts to give away or to keep for your own. Scrapbooks are entertaining and interesting for others, and reserve a special place for that unforgettable event forever. So let's talk about how to make a scrapbook, and then you can try to make your own scrapbook project.

Start your engines- That's right, rev those engines in your mind to determine what theme you'd like to portray. Like we said earlier, this could be anything from Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary to your daughter's first tooth falling out. Think of a title like My Caribbean Honeymoon or Devin's Championship Homerun.

Ready- Now you've got to get yourself ready to create. The first thing you'll need is some sort of album, book, binder or other shell that will be the body of your scrapbook project. Next, equip yourself with as many arts and crafts supplies as you can find. This means various textured papers, colorful sequins, pipe cleaners, glitter, whatever you like. Also get yourself a good pair of scissors and adhesives. You may want to use glue, hot glue gun, tape, staples Velcro etc. depending on what type of materials you're using. The next thing you'll need is memorabilia. Pictures are an absolute must (well, not really, since this is your scrapbook project, you can do what you like!), and items to conjure the memories. A piece of a t-shirt that you wore on the day, dried flowers, balloons, receipts, that napkin that you wrote your number on, a tassel, magazine cutouts, place card, invitation, the list goes on forever. What you're trying to do is recreate that day or time in miniature. So the more that you can put into your scrapbook from that actual time, the more realistic and effective your scrapbook project will be.

Set- What is your set up going to be? Choices of scrapbook layouts vary from organized and linear to psychedelic and haphazard, and everything in between. One thing that will help you decide is the amount of text you'd like to include. Some people like to put small captions somewhere near each picture, while others want an entire page to write a poem, story or journal entry about the picture, time or random thoughts. Deciding this ahead of time will allow you to leave the appropriate amount of space for everything. You can center a picture on the page, and decorate around it. For a zany design, you can try to fill the page with as many cutouts as will fit. Use swizzers (scissors with different shaped blades) to produce fun effects around the edges of your picture. Layout themes can be consistent throughout the entire scrapbook or can change from page to page, and themes cover the spectrum from sophisticated and delicate to wild and crazy.

Go! Now that you've got all your ideas somewhat in the open, and you've collected your supplies, you are ready to assemble. Some people like to lay out each page in totality before they begin gluing, while others like the haphazard look and feel of doing it as you go. Whatever works for you. Again, the materials you are using will determine which adhesives will work best. So the more varied your supplies, the more types of adhering agents you should have at the ready. Put together your scrapbook, allowing plenty of time for each page to dry, and enjoy this beautiful memento forever.


Lots of crafters suggest using a three-ring binder for their scrapbook project. This way you can add pages later on if you want or you can create a running log of an ongoing event (ex. a baby scrapbook that gets a new page on every birthday)

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