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Potholder Set and Matching Oven Mitt

Potholder Set and Matching Oven Mitt

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Potholder Set and Matching Oven Mitt

Everyone likes vacations for various reasons. There are an end number of things that a person can do during the vacations. For example you can prepare something innovative that is not just interesting but useful as well. If you are also looking for preparing such things that are interesting and useful also then you should try to gather information on preparing potholder set and matching oven mitt.

These are the things that are easy to prepare and can be made out of the material that is easily available in the house. Also you can personalize them as per your choice. Thus neither you are required to worry for the price nor are you required to worry for the designs as you can make the best that you like. There is one more advantage of these special items. You can use them as perfect gift items.

So now if you are excited to know the way how you can prepare these items then here is the step by step guide to help you out.

Guide for preparing Oven mitts:

To begin with you are required to pen down the shape of the oven mitt on the material you want to use. Thereafter, you need to cut out the shape as per the ¼" line of stitching. The next step is to sew all the outer edges. Then you need to trim the extra edges. Finally you need to give the shape by giving pressure from hands around the inward edges by turning the right side inwards. So by this way you can prepare the oven mitts that are best in all regards.

Now lets move forward to the guide for preparing Potholders:

First determine the size of the potholder you are looking for. Thereafter you need to cut down 2 pieces from the material you want to use for preparing potholder. These two pieces are going to be used as the front and the back so they need to be shaped accordingly. In addition you also need to cut one insulation and batting. While cutting, you need to keep in mind to leave ¼ inch for stitching all around.

Then you have to lay down all the layers just, one over the other carefully and neatly. The next important step is to sew along the outward edges of the three sides. After that you need to turn the ride side of the potholder in. This you can do easily by pulling through side which is left open. Finally stitch the remaining side

So by this way you can prepare the potholder set.

In case you are using tubing then you are required to cut one piece that fits around the whole potholder’s perimeter and remains 2 inches extra for loop (hanging) with width 1 inch. Thereafter you need to fold the tuning and then finally you need to sew the four sides. For looks you can cut down the extra tubing and can sew the back’s end of the potholder for a better loop. By this way the potholder set is prepared.

If you want to know more about the ways by which you can prepare potholder set and oven mitt then you can refer this link,

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