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Origami, The Hidden Art

Origami, The Hidden Art

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Origami, literally folded paper, is the ancient Chinese art of folding paper into surprisingly realistic objects. The field has widened to include other types of material such as metal, foil and tissue paper, as well as a variety of different types of paper. Moneygami, using paper currency from all over the world to create origami, is becoming increasingly more popular, as well.

Origami can be as simple as a sailboat or cup, or as elaborate as a horse or fantail dragon. The beauty behind this magical art is transforming a simple two-dimensional object into three dimensional and vividly real creations. The intricate designs and exact detail that goes into some of these projects is literally mind blowing.

There are loads of origami designs that you can get off the Internet. Here are a few patterns and suggestions on application.

For a unique centerpiece or table display, make a bouquet of origami flowers. An arrangement of azaleas, roses, and dahlias will impress your friends and enhance your room.

For your little princess, decorate her room with angels, ballerinas or butterflies.

And for the little man, use safari animals, dinosaurs, spaceships, or, if you're very ambitious, you can attempt an origami alien.

Children also enjoy woodland creatures such as bunny rabbits, squirrels and foxes, and familiar characters like Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

Origami is also useful. In a pinch, you can take a piece of paper and transform it into a cup, a box or an envelope.

An easy beginner origami project is the standing chair. Here's how it's done.

Origami is a fun and unique outlet for your or your kids' creative energies. Mastering this skill takes time, but children can often be more precise than adults when they put their minds to it. The more time spent with this unique art, the greater the benefits you will reap. And while origami art will probably never clean up the planet, save the whales, or abolish hunger, it is an art form that you and your children can enjoy together forever.

Here is an excellent site that I found for hundreds of fantastic origami projects from simple cups to complex menageries. I recommend a simple but adorable origami turtle. It is one of the easier folding projects, so you can make a few at once and have a small turtle farm. This makes for a great afternoon project in the summer. Enjoy!

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