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No Sew Projects

No Sew Projects

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While the name of the site is StitchNSave, we understand that sometimes you are just in the mood of a simple project that is soft a fluffy, but has nothing to do with a needle and thread. For this reason, we have a few relaxing no sew projects that require no sewing whatsoever and are still enjoyable activities. Enjoy!

No-sew blankets: These cozy blankets have been featured in our fleece projects section. There are quite a few methods, for this no sew craft, so check out the extensive article listing. The main idea, though, is knotting. Using two separate squares of cloth held together (it doesn't have to be fleece, but who doesn't love that soft fine texture?) cut fringes all around the perimeter of the squares. Now proceed to tie knots using one fringe from the top cloth and the corresponding fringe from the bottom material. Tie knots in this manner all the way around and you have yourself a comfy throw or blanket to snuggle up with anytime. And it took you less than ten minutes (if you are meticulous about your cutting!)

Scarves: No sew scarf making goes under the same principle as the no sew craft blankets. Cut a piece of material to the desired size. You can leave as is, cut fringes at the ends for a little flair, or create a double sided scarf using the fringe knots method from above.

Trivets: Trivets are fun and practical no sew crafts. Double up your material and trace the desired shape onto this material. If using solid batting, cut the batting to the appropriate shape as well. Pile your pieces on top of one another in the right order (I.e. Material, batting, material) and, using a hot glue gun, adhere all the pieces together. Bon apetite!

Wrap around skirt: Aside from being easy and unique no sew projects, these attractive clothing articles will be the talk of the town, especially when your friends find out that you made them yourself without any sewing required. Take the necessary measurements. You can measure you waist, hips and thighs to ensure a good fit, and the length you require (generally this style of skirt is worn long, but it's your skirt and you can wear how you like). Measure twice to get the exact numbers correct. Now multiply the widths by 1.5 or 2 (depending on how many times you want the skirt to wrap around). In addition to the width of the material, you are going to need about a foot to a foot and a half on each end of the waist band for the ties. Once you have all your numbers sorted out to your preferences, cut the material according to these measurements.(You are almost there!) At the top of the skirt (the part that will lay on your waist), make two or three one inch slits approximately one inch in from the beginning of the skirt (not the beginning of the band, but the edge of the actual skirt.)These slits will be the notches that you run your band through to close and tie the skirt. Try on your latest fashion wear, and adjust accordingly.

Sewing Alternatives:

- Glue is a wonderful alternative to needle and thread and is ideal for no sew crafts. Though this substance does not hold the same way as sewing, glue can sometimes be even more efficient. Use glue to adhere items to one another, add details to a finished project or create layers. A hot glue gun will certainly create a long lasting bond between materials, and cement glue is like magic.

- Velcro is another helpful tool for the needle-apprehensive crafter and many no sew crafts. Velcro is incredibly durable and can adhere to many types of materials. Velcro comes with a sticky backside that can be stuck on to most surfaces.

- If working with young children, instead of using a needle for regular sewing projects, use a hole punch and a coffee stirrer or straw to thread ribbon or string through holes.

- There are many iron on details that can be used to make beautiful no sew projects out of ordinary household items. Appliques are popular clothing decorations and iron-on tape will open up a wide range of possibilities within the no sew craft world.

See our other no sew projects for more great ideas that you can complete in no time at all- because even the experts need a break from sewing every now and then.

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