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Magical Macrame Jewelry Making

Magical Macrame Jewelry Making

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Macrame jewelry is definitely voted among the top projects for young girls. But did you know that you could make macrame jewelry that is stylish enough for adults to wear too? Try some of these macrame patterns. Adding a toggle clasp allows you to change up your accessories according to your wardrobe.

Note: This article is built on the previous macrame tutorials. If you haven't learned the basics yet, go back and read through them. Everything will make a lot more sense after wards.


Here's one for a long elegant necklace with charm of your choice in the center. The amounts are vague to allow for personal taste and preferences.

1. Anchor your cords properly, and then start the necklace by making a sinnet of square knots, about 1 1/2 to 2 ", and then bring the to filler cords out so the worker and filler strands switch places.

2. Now make two square knots slightly removed from the knots above them, and cross back over (so all the cords are in their original positions). Make another few square knots (maybe four or five).

3. Next you're going to tie a half-knot sinnet that will complete one full twist followed by another two or three square knots. Cross over again and tie a square knot.

4. Here's where it really gets exciting. Slide one or two beads along the filler strands and tie two or three square knots. Slide the leftmost cord through the jump ring of your chosen charm.

5. Now you're going to do repeat steps 2-4 only in the reverse order from before (this will create a symmetric strand of knots and beads).

6. Finally, using a larger bead, slide all the end cords through and tie an overhand knot to secure. This bead will be your clasp, simply pass it through the beginning loop. Trim ends to desired length (1/2" is standard).


Use approximately 10' cordage doubled over. Knot and secure. Begin by making a square knot. Slide a small bead up to the knot on only one of the filler cords, and then slide another bead onto the other filler cord. Make a square knot using both cords, and repeat the procedure until you've strung enough beads to fit around your neck snuggly. Tie an overhand knot and trim the cordage. (When cutting the cord, remember that this is a choker and should be worn close to the neck).

Here are some more macrame projects for you to enjoy.

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