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Macrame Purse

Macrame Purse

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Macrame bags can be made in any style you want. From clutch to beach, a macrame purse is versatile and beautiful. Use this macrame purse pattern to create your newest addition to your wardrobe. Believe me, your macrame bag will quickly become your favorite accessory.

What you'll need:

110 yards of braided cordage

20 beads measuring 1" each

What you'll do:

Preparation: Cut 36 cords measuring 2 yards 6"

4 cords measuring 3 yards

4 cords measuring 5 yards

Step one: Hold two cords measuring 3 yards together, fold in half and lay flat. Holding two cords measuring 5 yards together, fold in half and lay flat, laying half on one side of the 3 yard cords and half on the other side (so now you have-from left-two 5 yard cord ends, four 3 yard cord ends, two five yard cord ends). Put a pin on the center to mark it, and move the four ends on the right up and out of the way for now.

Step two:Using the two 5 yard ends as workers and the two 3 yard ends as filler cords, make 10 square knots one right after the other.

Step three: Now tie a sinnet of 15 half knots. Don't be nervous about the spiral effect that begins after a few knots, we want that to happen!

Step four: Switch to the other half of the cords now, and repeat steps 2 and 3 (so that both halves of the cords are symmetrical in the end).

Step five: Repeat steps 1-4 for the second strap.

Step six: Take two cords measuring 2 yards 6", and find their centers. Place them next to each other. Using all four strands, make a square knot and slide it all the way up to the top of the cords. Put these away until later, and repeat this step with all the other 34 cords measuring 2 yards 6". We'll call each pair of cords a square knot section or pair.

Step seven: Take six square knot pairs, and place them side-by-side. Make an alternating square knot starting from the third cord on the left, and go across all the cords. This should give you five square knots with two extra cords on either side.

Step eight: Take one strap and shape it into a rainbow-like arch and place one end on either side of the purse front (the piece you've just been working on in step 7). To attach the left side of the handle, tie a square knot using the third and fourth strands of the handle and the first and second strands of the purse panel. For the right side, make a square knot using the last two strands of the purse panel and the first two strands of the right end of the strap.

Step nine: Back to the square knot sections. Take three sections and attach them to one another using an alternating square knot. do this with three more pairs. These will be your two sides for your purse.

Step ten: Attach one of the side sections created in step 9 to the left side of the purse section you've been working on, and the other to the right side. Use the left over strands from the purse handles and the corresponding two cords from either side section to make a square knot (i.e. for the left side-use the two left hanging cords from the purse handle and the two rightmost cords from the square knot section-side section- to make a square knot. Do the opposite for the right side). This will secure the section to the purse piece.

Step eleven: Now you're going to repeat step 7 to make the second purse panel (the back). Also repeat step 8 for attaching the strap to the panel.

Step twelve: To attach the two panels, use the remaining two cords from the side panels and the two remaining cords from the second (back) panel to make a square knot and join everything together.

Step thirteen: Now for the body of your purse. Make six rows of alternating square knots (SK, ASK, SK, ASK, SK, ASK) all the way around the purse.

Step fourteen: For this next step, you'll need to number your strands 1-44, starting with one of the side panels and going around until the start of the next side panel. Make a square knot with cords 5-8, 13-16, 21-24, 29-32, and 37-40, then slide a bead onto the two filler cords for each of these sections, and finish off with another square knot to hold the bead in place.

Step fifteen: Not to leave anyone out, you're going to make 8 half knots with the cords 9-12, 17-20, 25-28, and 33-36.

Step sixteen: Repeat steps 14 and 15 for the backside of the purse.

Step seventeen: Fill in the sides with four rows of alternating square knots (the first and third rows will only have one knot and the second and fourth row will have two). Make another row of alternating square knots all the way around the purse.

Step eighteen: Repeat steps 14-17 for a second row of beads, and then make 5 rows of alternating square knots all the way around. Tighten this last row very well.

Step nineteen: Turn the purse inside out to finish off the bottom. Start from one side panel (this should be found by a distinct individual square knot), and use six cords (two worker cords- one from the right side and one from the left side of the purse-, four filler cords- from the side panel of the purse) to make two square knots. Continue using the four cords from the side panel as your filler cords, and make your way down the purse, tying one square knot using a strand from the right side and a strand from the left side to complete each knot. when you get to the end, you'll find you have six cords left. Do the same thing you did at the beginning of this step; use four filler cords and one worker cord from each side of the purse to tie two square knots.

Step twenty: Glue and trim the cords to about 1/2", and you can melt the fringes to deter fraying.

Throw in some lip-gloss and go out for a walk with your newest creation!

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