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Macrame Projects For Beginners: Keychain

Macrame Projects For Beginners: Keychain

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Macrame is a fun and rewarding art form that you can use to decorate, embellish or just enjoy some time alone or with friends. We'll start with some simple macrame patterns to help you get your feet wet, and then we'll move on to some more complicated macrame projects. The first one we'll work on is a wonderfully useful macrame keychain.

Before doing anything, you have to decide how much string is required for your project (ex. for a child's bracelet, 6 yards of cord should be sufficient, while a handbag is going to take a lot more). You can take measurements by wrapping the cord around your wrist, neck, waist or whatever else you will be using this project for, and always estimate up. As we said before, the general rule is four times (or eight if you're doubling over) the size of the finished product.

Note: This article is built on the previous macrame tutorials. If you haven't learned the basics yet, go back and read through them. Everything will make a lot more sense afterwards.

No more losing your keys to the depths of coat pockets, handbags, glove compartments, drawers, or anywhere else you can imagine. Use this macrame keychain to quickly find your keys when you need them. Better yet, hang this fun accessory by the front door where you're sure to spot them right away.

Different levels of macrame projects will also require different mounting methods, but for this level, we'll go with the most basic. Make a knot at the end of one piece of rope, yarn or cord and stick a pin through the knot. fasten the pin into a pillow, cushion, corkboard or other surface. If you're working with two strands, hold them together and tie an overhand knot in the middle, fastening as above.

Keychain Instructions:

You can make your macrame keychain as long or short as you like it. Choose two colors that complement each other, and cut them to the desired length. While holding the two cords together, tie an overhand knot in the center and secure. Next, using the square knot, make a chain of knots the desired length of the cord. When you've finished, add a decorative bead to each of the four ends of yarn, and tie an overhand knot under each bead. Some prefer to use a little bit of glue to keep the beads in place. Pull the top of the original overhand knot through your key ring, and you've got yourself a stylish and convenient way to keep track of your keys. This macrame project can be done with other knots as well. Try a spiral or basket knot for variety.

Here are some more, if you think you're ready for more complicated macrame patterns.

Friendly Reminder:

A good thing to take into consideration is how much open space you will have in your pattern. A lot of open space requires less material, a very closed pattern needs more. I heard once that the length should be approximately four times the length of your finished project for single stitch, and 8 times for doubling over the cord.

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