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Macrame Knot Variations

Macrame Knot Variations

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Here are some beautiful variations to the standard macrame knots and macrame patterns. Use these alone or combined to create stunning effects and original macrame designs.

This is really simple, just use a square knot or double half hitch.

Beads- You can easily string beads into your projects every few knots. For example, when using the half-knot only, string beads every turn of the spiral or every few turns in pattern.

Changing colors- For a fun and pretty effect, you can alternate your core cords with your knotting cords. Simply bring the two central core cords behind the two outer knotting cords to switch places and roles. This works well when you are using different colors for your knotting and core strands.

Filler patterns- Filler patterns use a double half hitch knot to make a diamond and fill the inside of the diamond with intricate designs. You can be very creative with this project, varying the direction, number of strands, and type of knot used to produce gorgeous patterns and geometric designs.

Josephine knot- Simply put, this knot goes over, under, over under, over. Now let's go in a little more detail. Lay one cord vertically in front of you (call it cord 1). Take the other cord (call it cord 2), make a loop, and place it horizontally over the cord 1. Cord 2 doesn't move the rest of the knot until it needs tightening at the end. Take the bottom end of cord 1, bring it over the end of cord 2 that is closest to you, and under the second end of cord 2. Now bring it over the half of the loop that is farthest from you, and under itself. Finally, bring it over the half of the loop that is closest to you, and tighten all four ends evenly to form your knot.

Loops- Picots are very simple to make. Do a regular square knot. Then leave a space before doing the next knot. finally, slide the second knot back up the filler cords so that it's right below the first knot. the cord that made up the space will puff out, creating picots. Repeating this process will give you a lovely row of picots. You can use pins to widen your knot every few knots to create loops within your pattern.

Square knot fence- You can make a wide row of square knots with alternating spaces using multiple strands for a sturdy and attractive piece. Using 12 strands (six folded in half), make a few square knots in each of the three sets of four cords. The number of square knots you make is up to you, and can change with each new vertical group, but be consistent across horizontally. Next, make two square knots using the middle eight cords, leaving out the two outermost cords on either side.

If you enjoyed this, there's lots more macrame fun where that came from!

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