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Macrame Bracelets

Macrame Bracelets

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We have two different versions of bracelet/anklet patterns for you, and they can each be modified for individual preferences. For more versatility and freedom, add a toggle clasp to any of the following projects.

Note: This article is built on the previous macrame tutorials. If you haven't learned the basics yet, go back and read through them. Everything will make a lot more sense afterwards.

1. One simple way to make a beautiful bracelet or anklet is with power beads or semi-precious stones. This is laughably simple. Using two cords approximately 6' in length, double over, and tie a larkshead knot. Secure and make a tight square knot. Slide a bead or stone up as close to the knot as possible, and then tie another tight square knot. Continue this pattern until you've strung enough beads for you ankle/wrist. Complete the project with an overhand knot and trim the cords, leaving enough to tie off and around your ankle/wrist. Simple and beautiful.

2. This is one of the most popular friendship bracelets. This macrame bracelet can be made using almost any of the macrame knots. We'll use the square knot for our example. Find the center of each string, and lay them flat (making two loops-one with each string). Using a random piece of cord, make a loop and bring the other two loops through the third loop. Now bring the four strands of your cordage through the two original loops and pull tight. This is your basic half hitch. Make a sennit of square knots, maybe 15 or so. Next, take a bead or stone and string it onto the two center filler cords. Now make another one or two square knots (bringing the two worker cords around on either side of the bead, down to the filler cords to make the knots). You can make a pattern with the bead placement, alternate colors, or graduate beads in size and place a large stone in the middle (then reduce bead size as you go down the other side of the bracelet). These are just a few ideas, and there are plenty of more ways to make your macrame bracelets totally unique.

Continue for more macrame projects.

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