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Kitchen & Bathroom Towel Ring

Kitchen & Bathroom Towel Ring

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This is one of my favorite projects. Towel accessories are a fun and easy way to dress up a guest room, bathroom, or kitchen area, and this kitchen or bathroom towel ring is no different. You can make a few in different colors and coordinate your home or give away as gifts. The macrame knots make this a unique and beautiful addition to any room.

What you'll need:

Ten yards of braided cord

A smaller plastic/wood/metal ring

A larger plastic/wood/metal ring

One large decorative bead

Instructions: (This pattern calls for the square knot, but can be varied with several other knots as well.)

- Cut six even pieces from your cordage. Secure each strand to the smaller ring, leaving a good 20"-22" in front of the ring. With every group of four strands (two long and two short), make 2 square knots (using the longer strands as worker cords and the shorter ones as filler strands).

- Alternate cords, and tie a square knot with the cords 3-6 and 7-10.

- Once again, alternate cords and tie a chain of 10 square knots using cords 1-4 and 9-12.

- Next tie 3 knots with the four central strands, slide your bead onto these strands, and close off with another three square knots. This can be done with one or many beads or decorations.

- Now back down! Alternate the cords and tie a square knot with cords 3-6 and 7-10.

- Make 2 knots with 1-4 and 9-12. Tie a square knot with cords 5-8.

- Finally, double half hitch all the cords to the larger ring, trim ends, and glue if you so desire.

Visit our macrame patterns article for some great free macrame patterns.

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