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Incredible Edible Crafts

Incredible Edible Crafts

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Just when I though life couldn't get better, edible crafts came onto the scene. Who wouldn't love combining their two favorite hobbies, crafting and snacking, into one fabulous fun frenzy? And edible crafts for kids just put the whole thing over the edge. You and your kids are going to love these incredible edible crafts for kids and adults. Enough talk, let's craft…and eat!

Pretzel necklaces: Pretzels are a good and healthy snack that kids never tire of. This craft is also wonderful because it strengthens hand eye coordination in a fun way. Get any type of string, yarn, lanyard, or even thread and string pretzels along the string until you've tired of this project. Tie ends in a knot, and now kids can display and eat their piece of handmade jewelry. This is more fun if you use different shaped pretzels. You can also design and create edible earrings and bitable bracelets. Yum!

Noisemaker: This one doesn't involve eating immediately, but it does involve food and kids simply adore these edible crafts for kids. Noisemakers, no not your kids, are simple to make and fun for hours. Have children decorate two round plates however they like. Next, staple or hot glue around the edge of the plates until they are half way closed. Fill with a handful of beans and seal remaining half. For added fun, you can punch holes around the perimeter, and tie strings of licorice. The licorice can be eaten after kids finish with their concert performances.

Displays made out of food: This is one for older kids, though young ones love to watch these incredible edible crafts being formed. Displays are especially nice for an occasion, party or get together. You can use fruits, veggies, fruit leather, candies or anything else you like. Carving flowers, letters and shapes is a skill and a fun afternoon project that works particularly well with melons and other fleshy fruits.

Ginger bread house/men: This is one of the most delicious, adorable, and beautiful edible crafts for kids out there. Gingerbread men are sweet both to look at and to eat, and gingerbread houses are stunning when finished. Draw or print out your "blue prints" and measure and cut your pieces carefully. Decorating is really the best part, with chocolate lentils, gumdrops, frosting, oh my! Use the royal icing recipe below for edible paste.

Noodle or popcorn picture frames: While this craft isn't exactly edible (though you can eat the popcorn, it will lose the effect of the craft), it does involve food and it's fun for your kids. Capture that perfect crafting moment forever with a homemade picture frame. You can take the easy way out and just glue (using edible paste) raw noodles or popped popcorn around a purchased frame, or you can cut a frame from heavy-duty card stock and let kids decorate the edges.

Bird feeders: These edible crafts are quick and easy and make a healthy snack for pets, birds, small wildlife, or even your kids! Roll a stick (for animals) or a pretzel rod or breadstick (for kids) in creamy peanut butter thoroughly covering. Then roll the stick/rod in a mixture of birdseed or trail mix. Hang outside and see whom you attract.

Chocolate molds: While this isn't exactly a craft project, it will keep you and the kids busy on a blustering winter day. And besides, it's chocolate, what choice did I have? Chocolate molds are perfect edible crafts for around the holidays, and you can get molds in hundreds of different shapes. While you're at it, why not make these edible crafts for kids educational? Spell out different words and leave loving messages in chocolate. Your kids will be reading beautifully in no time!

Royal icing:

3 ounces egg whites + 1 teaspoon vanilla extract- Beat until frothy and add 4 cups confectioners' (powdered) sugar. Continue beating on low until the mixture is well combined and shiny. Then turn up the speed for about five minutes or until stiff peaks form.

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