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How to make baby bibs

How to make baby bibs

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How to make baby bibs

Everyone likes to see the babies, laughing, walking and doing wonderful activities. They are undoubtedly the cutest creations of God who know how to release any sort of tensions in a fraction of seconds. You forget all your work pressure after seeing a small smile of their face. Though babies are very cute naturally you can add in their cuteness by dressing them with the most beautiful clothes.

Now-a-days you can find an end number of varieties in baby clothing. Everything raging from the designer t-shirt to designer jeans you can get in child clothing store. The only drawback with the kids clothing is that they are very expensive. So you cannot afford to spoil them easily. But now the question arises how to keep them protected from the kids? The answer to this question lies with baby bibs. With the help of baby bibs you can protect the clothes of the kids from getting spoiled from food, baby feed or even saliva. In addition believe it or not but it is true that you can also prepare wonderful baby bibs for your baby. Also for that it is not required to spend a good amount of money as you can use some very simple materials in preparing such bibs.

The main purpose of baby bibs is to absorb baby feed that comes out from the mouth. And for such purpose towels are undoubtedly the best option. So you can use old dishtowels to prepare bibs for your baby. For preparing baby bibs, you need very few things like old towel, needle and thread. For decoration you can use ribbons or cuttings of colored clothes to make beautiful figures.

To start with first of all it is important to measure the size of the bib required. For that you need to take the measurement of the head of the baby. After taking the exact measurement you need to cut a hole exactly in the middle of the towel. Care should be taken to see that the hole should neither be too large or small. For making the hole look regular to need to sew the surroundings or outer portion of the hole. You can use the matching thread to hide the stitching marks. For decoration you can sew the small cuttings of colored cloth to give a cute look to the bib. By this way the perfect baby bib is ready for your kid.

The best part of these baby bibs is that they are 100% washable so you can clean them easily. Also as they have better absorption capacity you can use them for a longer time. There are various designs or patterns available through which you can attractive baby bibs. Some very interesting ideas are given at . By going through the information given on this link you can prepare as many patterns of baby bibs as possible. Also to enable you understand the procedure of making the baby bibs step by step procedure is given. So go through the information and prepare the best bibs for your kid.

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