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How to make Bird Feeders

How to make Bird Feeders

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How to make bird feeders?

It is a fact that today everyone is so busy that he hardly gets any time to spend with his family members or friends. This results in developing a big gap between the person and his children and other family members. So it is very important to spend time with family members and friends to show how much you love and care for them.

These vacations you can spend some time with your little ones to make them feel happy. You can even do something innovative for them so that they can enjoy their time with you. It is always good to give some message to children during the play. So if you are looking for some innovative project that contains love and lesson then you should go for preparing bird feeders.

By preparing bird projects you can teach your children how they can come closer to children. The children also can have fun seeing the most beautiful creations of God i.e. birds coming closer to them. For preparing this wonderful project you are even not required to spend a big amount of money. Also it can be easily prepared by you and your children together.

For preparing the bird feeders you need a small stick (made out of wood or iron), a small piece of rope, string, butter feed and peanut butter. To begin with the person is required to choose a small rod of wood or iron that is not very big in length. Thereafter a thick layer of peanut butter is placed on it to make it work as an adhesive. In that thick paste bird feeds or seeds are spread. Once the stick has good quantity of seeds or bird feeds glued the next step is to tie with the tree. For this you can use string. While hanging it is important to consider that it should not be tied closer to the ground as birds often because of fear don't like to come down. Once you are done with this, you need to find out a good hiding place for you and your children to see the birds coming and feeding the seeds.

By this way you can do something good for the birds and this can bring smile on the face of your younger ones also. As it is very easy to prepare you can motive kids to prepare that by their own. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that they should not try to put the stick on the tree by their own as this can harm them. So once they are done with the preparation of the bird feeders they should call you to place the stick on the tree.

There are many other types of bird feeders available that you can prepare with your kids. You can get some more interesting ideas here as well, So don't let your children go away from you. Try to spend some with them. This will make them feel happy for sure.

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