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How to Mosaic Like the Pros

How to Mosaic Like the Pros

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Mosaic craft is versatile and fun, producing delightful results every time. You can make mosaic craft on nearly anything from walls to tabletops to ceilings and you can use anything from old crockery to spare change. Careful, though, because once you learn how to mosaic, you might not be able to stop! Before you go mosaic craft happy, though, read our tips to ensure that your mosaic projects are the best they can be.

Tips on how to make a mosaic come out just right:

- Sand paper can be used to smooth out any rough or sharp edges.

- The second method discussed above is particularly useful when making serving trays, stepping stones and other items that really should have a flat surface.

- Always check that the type of adhesive you are using is appropriate for your base material. Many surfaces require specific adhesives in order to adhere properly.

- Pliers can be used to get specific shapes for detailed designs.

- Once you lay a piece down with adhesive, there is a very small window of opportunity to make changes before the glue sets. For this reason, it is a good idea to lie out your entire project or design prior to gluing to see what the finished product will look like.

- Goggles and a mask are helpful to avoid shards of tile coming in contact with your eyes and breathing in particles.

- Choosing the right backing can make or break your mosaic craft. Many woods will warp or deteriorate when exposed to water, so, for outdoor mosaics, choose something more durable like concrete, cement or terracotta. Plywood is a decent backing for an indoor project especially if you coat it with a waterproof sealant.

- For free standing mosaic projects, you can buy a plain frame and place your mosaic pieces inside for added stability and finesse.

- Use a grid to transfer your design onto your backing board. This will ensure that proportions are correct and that the design is copied properly.

- Clean excess glue as you go instead of waiting until the end. Dried glue is a killer to clean up after.

- Your choice of grout color will change the overall appearance of your mosaic dramatically. The general rule is lighter colored grouts will draw focus to the gaps between the tiles. Dark colored grout intensifies a colorful mosaic, but may overpower a light-colored tile. Choose your grout according to your mosaic projects.

- Depending on where you live, humidity and frost will affect your outdoor mosaic projects. Proper sealant or weatherproof coatings must be applied if you want your projects to have any longevity to them.

- Go to garage sales or clearance blowouts to find interesting tiles, crockery and china.

The more variety you have, the more interesting and detailed your mosaic craft can be.

Play around with different materials, and see how varied your results will be. Depending on the texture, color, size and material of your tiles, your mosaic craft can take on a totally different flavor and function. So have fun and experiment widely.

Here's some more reading on how to mosaic.

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