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Holiday And Christmas Crafts For Everyone

Holiday And Christmas Crafts For Everyone

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Streets are aglow with the many forms of lights, and the air is filled with singing, laughing, and general holiday good cheer. Don't leave out the creative voice inside (or your kids!) during this festive season. Here are some easy and fabulous holiday crafts. Tone them down if you're working with kids, or dress them up if you really want to shine. Either way, enjoy the fun of making these delightful crafts. Happy holidays to all, and to all a good year!

Paper chains

Paper chains are probably the easiest holiday or Christmas crafts you can find. Cut a piece of colored paper into strips and glue, staple or tape the first strip into a circle. Take the next strip (and each consecutive strip) and place it through the circle before fastening it closed. Change up the colors for a cheerful chain, and hang festively around the room.

Snowflake art

Here are some easy craft ideas for kids. Snowflakes are filled with seasonal spirit and magic. Make as many as you can to fill your home with this enjoyable symbol of peace and fairy-tale endings.

Dissolve a lot of salt in boiling water (enough so that the solution is saturated, and the salt won't dissolve any more when added).

Dip a paintbrush in the solution, and paint your own snowflake design onto cardstock or heavy-duty black paper. Let dry over night.

For colorful snowflakes, add a drop of food coloring and choose white or a light colored paper.

Tree decorations

Tree decorations are abundant and thrilling Christmas crafts, tapping into the mounting excitement that surrounds this season. A word of safety: Don't use flammable tree decorations. Keep small pieces high up on the tree out of reach from little children or babies. Turn off tree lights when leaving the home, and NEVER leave burning candles unattended on or near a tree. Keep the holidays safe and you'll keep them happy.

Pinecones make wonderful tree decorations. They're fragrant, festive, and filled with life. Attach a string tied into a loop with hot glue or other means. Drizzle with sparkling paint in silver or gold, and hang from pre-made loop.

Decorative baking

Whether it's gingerbread men, traditional Hanukkah donuts, or plain old chocolate chip cookies, everyone knows food is the way to most anyone's heart. Add sprinkles, frosting or other creative touches to make regular baking celebratory.

Decorative pillows

Sewing, hot gluing, or crafting some form of pillow covers is a cozy and quick way to add holiday charm to your home. With small or concealed zippers, covers can be changed at every holiday, protecting your pillows and brightening up the house. Here's a great link for more details.

Deck the halls

Even Mr. Grinch can't help smiling when there are creative touches decorating your home. Use various items to dress up the home and get your whole family into the spirit of things. Tie tinsel around the banister, through chair backs, and over doorways. White is a natural season setter. Put white doilies underneath each place setting at dinner, decorate plain items with white, gold or silver bows, and sprinkle white snow or flower petals over a hearth, around a coffee table or across any large bare surface.

For a sweet and sentimental wreath that you'll save for years to come, trace and cut out your child(ren)'s hands onto various colored paper (preferably holiday-themed colors). Attach each one side by side to form the wreath. Display prominently for relatives and neighbors to adore. Crafts made with children are especially endearing, aren't they?

Holiday cards

Use colored construction paper, glitter, glue, scissors, markers and anything else you like to cut out, color, paste, and create personalized holiday cards for family and friends. Mail to out of town family members to let them know they're close at heart, and hand deliver to co-workers, classmates and local service providers.

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