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Hand Beaded Jewelry Ideas

Hand Beaded Jewelry Ideas

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Beaded jewelry has a dual function in the world of crafting. On the one side, it is a quick and entertaining child craft, one that keeps kids of all ages involved for long periods of time and helps to strengthen fine motor skills, attention, and patience. On the other side, though, beaded jewelry is an art form that can be created and appreciated by adults. Some of the finest pieces of jewelry have been made from the simple process of stringing beads together. As the image implies, majestic pieces can come from modest means. So let's learn the process of how to bead jewelry, and then we came share some fun and beautiful beaded jewelry designs.

Supplies for your hand beaded jewelry are pretty limited. Depending on the item, you'll need either a claps (for a bracelet or necklace) or earwires (for earrings), pliers and beads. "T" pins or headpins are also used for earring designs. Have extra wire around for adding details to your designs. Then, of course, you'll need your beads. There is no end to the variety of color, shape, and texture of beads out there. From beautiful and smooth ceramic to rustic wood beads and everything in between, there are thousands of styles to choose from. Decide on your base and filler beads (these are the smaller beads that help to anchor your larger base beads in place) as you design your pattern and have plenty on hand. Who knows, you may love the results so much that you'll want to make matching accessories!

Really the same idea goes for making most any hand beaded jewelry. Set up your beads in the specific pattern of choice (special design boards are available for this, but you can usually just eyeball it). String the beads onto the wire. Be sure to choose string color that matches or compliments your pattern. For example, a gold, yellow, or brown pattern will do well with a gold wire, yet for blues, purples and other cool colors you may prefer to you use silver. Depending on your jewelry piece, you may need to attach the claps prior to stringing the beads. Doing this makes stringing bracelets and necklaces a lot easier. When you've finished beading, attach the other end of the clasp or close the headpin to seal in the beads. That's about the long and short of how to make beaded jewelry. For the newbie hand beaded jewelry maker, here are a few beaded jewelry ideas to start you off.


Easy-peasy. Use a head pin as your anchor. Position the beads on in your desired pattern. Using a pliers, bend the head into a closed circle. Attach the earwires, and you have a piece of art that you can use to accessories, as well. Add charms, wire or additional head pins to create a longer or more elaborate design.


Necklaces require a slightly tougher wire for stringing the beads. The easiest method is attaching the first half of the clasp to one end of the wire and beading from the other side. If you are trying for a symmetrical design (and you're not sure how many beads to us) then you can bead slowly and carefully from each end. When it comes time to attach the claps, tape down the opposite end so the beads don't start falling off. Either way, when you've finished beading, attach a crimp bead to the wire after the clasp. Flatten crimp bead with a pair of crimping pliers. Repeat for second half of clasp, pulling wire tight to eliminate any slack from your necklace.


Illusion necklaces are pretty and somewhat sophisticated because they give the appearance that the beads are floating on your skin. This is done by using a super thin and nearly transparent wire. Fishing line or monofilament wiring are examples, though because these types are so thin, they are prone to breaking. Tigertail and softflex are more durable forms of this transparent material. Slide the wire through a crimp bead and one half of the clasp. Run the wire back through the bead, and tighten closed with a set of crimping pliers. Trim excess wire. Work out your pattern before hand, including color scheme, repetition, and calculations for even spacing. String your beads and finish by adding the second half of the clasp to the other end. This project can include multiple strands, creating a wider more impressive necklace.

Imagine wearing gorgeous jewelry that was designed by you, specifically to fit your personal preferences and personality. Once you've learned how to bead jewelry, you can create a new piece for every outfit. I kid you not. I have a friend who literally has a new pair of earrings for each outfit she owns. And why not, when hand beaded jewelry is this simple?

More beaded jewelry designs and ideas

- Chains are fun additions that create a simple and elegant necklace, bracelet, or anklet in a snap.

- Wrapping long strands of wire into a tight section secures the stone and looks beautiful

- Use precious or semiprecious stones to create really exquisite pieces.

- Have fun experimenting with different color patterns, shapes, and sizes. There is beauty in continuity as well as in variety.

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